Benazir Bhutto 2

Benazir Bhutto in her younger days. She was president of the Oxford University Students Union. A face so full of optmism, joy and hope. Can only the young be so optimistic ? Is youth unafraid of consequences, or merely unaware of them ?

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  1. Manasi says:

    She was beautiful, courageous and intelligent women. Rare find! What happened is very sad indeed. I hope something positive comes out of it, though I know thatís wishful thinking. Right now I am worried about the backlash of all this. What will happen?

  2. Himanshu says:

    Dear Shekhar,
    I think I am also a NEWS junkie like you (and still awake and glued to the news).First thing I thought of was about Rajiv Gandhi and the similarity of events. Such days make you think about the fragility of life, destiny and whether it is really worth risking your life to bring big national changes. Sometimes the mind doesn’t work, as if we do not know what we are thinking – the meaning of life on this planet, the outrage, grieving, global condolences (it almost appears as noise in our mind) and then we think what this all means – why this, why now, who are we, and there are just a lot of questions without answers.
    Such events make us look inward about our time here and what we are supposed to do in the time given by God to us. May God bless everyone.
    Best Regards,

  3. She looks so vivacious.
    Of course, it all had to come to a sad and early demise…

  4. Rashmi says:

    Its a great tragedy indeed, lets hope and pray for peace for Pakistan and for the rest of the world.

  5. Aditarya says:

    unaware. its a great snap. it tells us how the face reflects the being in us.

  6. dq says:

    It is said…
    In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are Consequences….
    Even if one is aware of the consequences….only the eagles dare to soar…
    Eagles cant soar while surrounded by Turkey’s….
    Dont know her political history….dont care what her thoughts were like…just the conviction is daring enough….
    Amazing picture….

  7. brave lady. could have lived comfortably had she decided to live in comfort with her family.
    maybe her party will now sweep the election – perhaps that was destiny’s role for her.

  8. shekhar says:

    So you think that without realizing it, Benazir actually sought out her death ? It did seem very much that she was courting her own death if you follow the events

  9. s says:

    “Is youth unafraid of consequences, or merely unaware of them ?”
    A combination of both. In my teens and 20’s, I felt so … invincible.

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