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3rd July 2006 – During the short time Iíve worked with Shekhar (I once assisted him on a commercial in 2002), Iíve always been aware of his commitment and connection to his actors. Today, the same commitment was apparent.

During the scene in the dungeon today, I watched Shekhar sitting cross-legged on the ground with his actors and talking them through the inner life of each of the characters with patience and detail. When the scene was demanding on the actors, he would ensure the set was quiet and call Ďactioní only when he felt it was the right atmosphere for his actors to work in. Sometimes he would whisper directions to them to help protect the still atmosphere he had created. He was also stood beside his actors so they knew he was close by. Iíve often felt for actors who have to perform from a deep place straight after a flurry of Ďcrew activityí. Itís inspiring to see a director who gives his actors the time and space they need. Iím looking forward to the next thirteen days!

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  1. Dear Melanie,
    Welcome aboard. I immensely enjoy Justin’s historical view of Elizabeth, it will be refreshing to read your actors/directors view for the next 13 days!
    Warm Wishes,

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