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7th of July 2006 – Raleigh announced to the Queen today that he wanted to return to the colony. The Queen displayed a great deal of vulnerability during this scene but I wonít give it away entirely! I would just like to note the way Shekhar chose to shoot this scene as I thought it was rather insightful.

In the beginning of the scene the Queen was stable and in control. As a result the shots of the film were formal and still. As the queen started to reveal her vulnerability however, Shekhar chose to use steadicam to emphasise the destabilized state of the Queen — just like Raleigh, we too were being affected by the Queenís changing state.
Indeed great directing seems to a fine interplay between guiding actorsí performances and the conception of shots which emphasise the emotional moments of the story. Todayís shots were very impressive and should make this scene a powerful one in the final film. In fact, itís my favourite scene so far.

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  1. Human Needs
    It was rather insightful
    We too were being affected
    by the changing state
    Fine interplay between conception
    which emphasise the emotional moments
    Very impressive
    A powerful one…
    my favourite so far.

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