Suddenly, Unexpectedly…

I seek that, which was not supposed to be I seek that, which had not occurred to me I seek that, which occurs accidentally I seek that, which suddenly overwhelms me people say, I know not what I want to be people say, I live indecisively can you then teach me, a more creative way [...]

where, why, what, whom ?

feeling anxious, am flying to LA tonight, always anxious when I go there LA is a city of temptation but how can i curse it, because temptation is only as effective as you are tempted, but LA conjures a web around you, makes you revel in illusion and people live in some illusion of immortality [...]


Paani is a film about a city of 20 million inhabitants which runs dry of water. The water wars have begun between those that still have water and those that do not. Water has now become a weapon of political, social and economic exploitation. The picture posted here is part of a series that I [...]

The two of me

I am jealous and greedy and angry and I hurt I love and I hate I mean well but manipulate I am confused and riddled by doubt Of course I am I am after all only human and yet I long I yearn I aspire to be compassionate to be creative to be whole to [...]

Do I love you ?

no one act separated from another no one time separated from another no one space separated from another no one individual separated from another no one emotion separated from another no one moment separated from another no one consciousness separated from another no one thought separated from another formless seamless infinite relationships between all things [...]

I live here ?

I live here ? So I ask my friends where does your home end ? how do you define your space in which you live the four corners of your room ? your apartment or the walls of your house ? So the air that you breathe within your house is different from the air [...]


Today another dream was rekindled. Paani. A film that has lived in my consciousness for almost 5 years, when I watched 50 women and children standing in the hot sun in Mumbai. Each carrying a bucket waiting for a tap to start dripping with water. Paani means Water in Hindi. I had just come down [...]