Am I Male or Female ?

I am both. Male and female. Without my female self I am neither creative nor spiritual. Without my male self I am neither enterprising, nor active. I am not both man and woman. I am a man. But finally,I am now both male and female. And finding the balance was tough. To balance the nurturing [...]

About Myself

At 22, was an accountant in London long before I dreamt of bieng a film-maker .. I was successful. But uncomfortable. I remember strongly feeling the chasm between what I did and who I was. The young man at play (those were the swinging 70's don't forget), and the one at work were two completely [...]

The Delhi Bomb Blasts

I was there. In Delhi, not far from the blasts. I too was shopping with my family, but fortunately for us, not in the immediate vicinity. But near enough.. Did I hear the blasts ? Perhaps, but during Diwali the sound of firecrackers dominates even the blaring horns of the traffic. And that, in Delhi, [...]

Dancing to Mr India in Prague !

This is a guest entry from Sangeeta, who describes the incredible reaction to mainstream Bollywood films in Prague. "Why would you want to start a "Bollywood" Film Festival in Prague? Who would want to watch the films there…" When we first started the Prague “Bollywood” Festival ( ) in 2003 many people questioned the [...]

So who cares about them anyway ?

Sometime ago I posted a picture of these families on the Blog. Yesterday I landed back in Mumbai and realized they had dissapeared overnight. Herded out of the city like cattle. They were families that emigrated into Mumbai from Bihar. As labourers to build the very highways and flyovers that they built their homes under. [...]


The river flowed wide and deep. As the Guru and his young disciple wondered at the best way to cross it, they were approached by a young girl who asked for help. Having just taken his vows of celibacy, the disciple was alarmed. The more looks he stole at the young girl the more beautiful [...]


in the instant it began it was over, but then in the end it had just begun. The picture is of a collapsing super nova, which, like everything (or no-thing) in our universe, rises only to collapse and then to rise again only on the ashes of knowledge can true creativity bloom, but remains creative [...]