Absence makes the heart …

...grow fonder ? Even on a blog ? I have been guilty of not blogging for a while, and to my surprise as I logged on today, there were many responses to my posts to my earlier posts. I am sorry I am not able to reply individually to all. I am in London preparing [...]

Juhu, that once was..

Every Sunday of free drinks and open house at Kabir and Protima's Bedi's house. Little babies called Pooja and Siddharth. Running around in diapers. Mahesh Bhatt preaching Godhead and Nirvana. Parvin Babi sitting in a corner smiling benignly, smoking whatever anyone smoked those days Big huge brother Vick, more Sai Baba than Sai Baba himself. [...]

Sound, so pure is ..

neither the sound of ‘om’ echoing across the universe bounced only by the eons of time nor the chants of a thousand Gregorian monks neither a million ‘amens’ resounding across the world on christmas eve nor all the calls to prayer in the name of Allah not even the gentle patter of the first monsoon [...]

US Immigration & Bollywood !

Coming into the Customs/immigration area in LA, I am always looked upon really suspiciously. I used to look like a Columbian drug smuggler when they were in vogue. Now I look like an Arab terrorist. They are the latest in fashion. Yesterday something strange happened.. I look my innocent charming best. I smile. I get [...]

90% of my Brain devoted to ?

Gossiping ! All of us have heard about scientists saying we use only 10% of our brains. So what is the other 90% doing ? Some say it is to connect with our universal and spiritual selves. Others say it's all about the subconscious problem solving part of the brain. But the theory I like [...]

The Golden Age

It seems most likely that my next film is going to be Golden Age, not quite a sequel, but second in the trilogy that I always thought 'Elizabeth' would be. It will star Cate Blanchette once again as Elizabeth. The film will also star Geoffrey Rush, Clive Owen, Samantha Morton and Micheal Sheen, amongst others. [...]