I am not the end game

Continuing with the wonderful discussions that followed my post 'to do or not do' .. sachin asked me a question. Why am I posing all this as question, when sometimes I exhibit to others that maybe I am spiritual. The answer, Sachin, is that not only do I not know, but that my greatest fear [...]

To do or not do ?

How much of what I do, directly results in what gets done. And how much of what I do actually becomes the impediment in what I desire to get done ? How do I know ? Does every event have an individuality of it's own ? Like you and I have. Or is every event, [...]

Civil War in Iraq

The Coalition of the Willing has finally reached it's objectives in Iraq. It's taken me a long time to figure out the logic behind the invasion of Iraq. It's simple really. It's what colonists have been doing for two centuries. It's just too simplistic to assume that they got it wrong about the weapons of [...]

The Indian Budget : Playing for a Draw

The Finance Minister in his press conference said that in the Indian Government has to show that it's heart is in the right place as well as it's head. He needs to be congratulated for his heart. With the great emphasis on the rural and agricultural sector, on education, on micro credit to the agricultural [...]

The Story Teller

In my previous life I was a story teller. Dragging myself from village to village, where people would throw me some coins to weave fantasy around their mundane lives At my will I would make them cry and laugh. Children rolled over and clapped with joy as my characters faced the most absurd plots I [...]

Terrorism & masturbation

In today's UK 's paper Guardian, an essay by Ian Buruma equates masturbation, repressed sexuality and homosexuality with acts of Terrorists and Fascists. www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,1717676,00.html This is typical of a society looking for simplistic and convenient answers to rather complex human behaviour. Driving a wedge between Them and Us. The essay, for example, finds siginificance in [...]

May the force be with you..

I apologise for the absence from my website, I am now in london in what is called prep for my next film, Golden Age.. Prep means pre-production. It's what we do so that a film moves smoothly when u are shooting it. Theoretically. But I am a very organic film maker and believe that I [...]

Absence makes the heart …

...grow fonder ? Even on a blog ? I have been guilty of not blogging for a while, and to my surprise as I logged on today, there were many responses to my posts to my earlier posts. I am sorry I am not able to reply individually to all. I am in London preparing [...]