Trying to listen to myself

Film making is so much now about fitting a square peg (a script) into a round hole (a schedule and a budget), that so much of my time on Golden Age gets taken up with production meetings, budget meetings, schedule meetings etc etc. Time now to shut my ears to the organizational noise and listen [...]


I struggle with freedom, I want to be free, but have no idea what I want to be free of ? I look for the context to freedom' and then I want to be free of the context and if there is no context what do I want to be free of ? how can [...]


A lot of people, including pim, ask me when Buddha is going to be made, Buddha is one of those films that has it's own Destiny, and I found I could not push it along. I just need to let it happen. Just let it go, for it to form itself organically. I tried very [...]

Golden Age Diary

The Golden Age Diary will be an open thread, in which I will post a diary as comments rather than posts. Viewers are welcome to post comments, and I look forward to haing your feedback. I met Cate Blanchette today, and after a very long time, we chatted in a relaxed informal atmosphere. She is [...]

Am I dead or alive ?

At this moment do you percieve me dead or alive ? If someone tells you I have been in a serious accident. and till your sensory information asks you to percieve my state as one or the other, I could be dead and alive at the same time. So if all existence is imaginary, illusory, [...]

Golden Age research

Sir Walter Raleigh is commonly known as the man that put the cloak down for Elizabeth and that sparked off a long affair. However Walter Raleigh was also famous for introducing Tobaco and Potatoes to Europe. Guess the origins of the word Potato ? Batata ! Yes - The earliest reference I have is 1565, [...]


Raviswamy asked me "But then where does the idea of "intuition" figure in all this ? - is it "hard wired" into our genetic code that there are just some things you have to put your trust in, and sort of "know" even if you've never experienced them directly ...?? The battle to 'find' your [...]