Mel’s Blog – Life in the Web

5th of July 2006 - Today I watched the rushes and appreciated even more the shots chosen by Shekhar yesterday. In particular I noted the opening and beginning shots and what was common to them both – they were both focused on the Queen. The first shot was of her looking at “something” which was [...]

Mel’s Blog – In the Heart of It

3rd July 2006 - During the short time I’ve worked with Shekhar (I once assisted him on a commercial in 2002), I’ve always been aware of his commitment and connection to his actors. Today, the same commitment was apparent. During the scene in the dungeon today, I watched Shekhar sitting cross-legged on the ground with [...]

Arrivals and Departures

Wednesday 5th July. 11.00 AM – ‘J’ and ‘B’ Stages, Shepperton Studios. Geoffrey Rush’s last day filming with us so a final chance to make sure we have all the coverage we need. Picking up lots of small sequences today and finishing the coverage of scenes that we were unable to complete on location. This [...]

La Volta!

Tuesday 4th July. 9.40 PM – A Stage, Shepperton Studios. A return to the atrium of Elizabeth’s private chambers where Bess Throckmorton and Raleigh dance the volta under Elizabeth’s watchful eye. We couldn't make another movie about Elizabeth without a dance sequence and this is also a chance to reference the ‘volta’ scenes from ‘Elizabeth’. [...]

Lies within lies

Monday 3rd July. 2.30 PM – J Stage, Shepperton Studios. Back in the dank dungeon on J stage where Walsingham returns to interrogate the traitors. A whole weekend off has given everyone a chance to watch the football and get a couple of good night’s sleep. And considering England’s performance in the World Cup it’s [...]

A Moment Alone

Friday 30th June. 12.00 PM – Petworth, West Sussex. More coverage on our riding sequence today, again in perfect weather, as Elizabeth and Raleigh catch a quiet moment together. Of course catching this moment on film means that Cate and Clive are certainly not alone. The assistant directors and locations departments have people all over [...]

A Day in the Country

Thursday 29th June. 2.00 PM – Petworth, West Sussex. The first of two days away from studio down in the park at Petworth House filming a riding sequences with Elizabeth and Raleigh. A rare treat today as we’re off on location and the weather is wonderful, which is all the more important as we are [...]

New Worlds

Wednesday 28th June. 11.00 AM – ‘A’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Day two on the pivotal ‘immensities’ scene in which Raleigh begins to capture Elizabeth’s imagination. Although the real Raleigh was, at least at the time this movie is set, less used to exotic adventures than our movie version what he was undoubtedly brilliant at was [...]


Tuesday 27th June. 8.00 AM – ‘A’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Our first day on what is simply the most beautiful set in the movie – the Queen’s private chambers. This is Elizabeth’s inner sanctum, a personal area away from the troubles and responsibilities of court where we see the Queen at her most private and [...]