Is God real, daddy ?

It's late in the night I hold your little hand in mine we lie in bed as u stare at the ceiling what is God, Daddy is God real ? of course my love God is real God is love but does God exist, Daddy or is he in my imagination ? both, my love [...]

The Break

I am travelling in India right now taking a break, while my editor, Jill Bilcock is getting the assembly ready. Which essentially means that she is interpreting the masses of material I shot into something that actually makes emotional and narrative sense to view !! A film is always.. first interpreted at the script level. [...]


we never met the first time we never met there was no such time.. for u were there and so was I before.... we shall never meet the next time we shall never meet there will be no such time for you'll be there and so will I before ... I know I had posted [...]


Are we merely ripples created by a universal consciousnes eternally at play ? And if before the ripple subsides, we have known eternal love and compassion, then the ripple perhaps has had some significance. The essential element seems to be humility. So much humility tha it can wash away the ego in it's tide. That [...]

Stone and Wood

Bill asked "Does stone and wood also play a metaphorical role in "The Golden Age"? And given all the wood in the ships, is there a metaphor of the ships being organic or transient as well? Does stone play a role? Or has the approach to set design changed for "The Golden Age"?" Bill, every [...]