Time and Event

ravi swami : Yes...moment and continuity are contradictions in terms - an 'event 'assumes a "before event and after event" situation - what you are saying is that every "event" exists and is not marked by a start and end point, if it did then "time" as concept has to exist - as in editing [...]

Time and time again

rawi swami said : .....time is actually (as we understand the meaning of the word) better described as "moment" or continuity - not an evolution of anything but a constant...within that constant there are "events"...us, supernovas, all instances of "local time".... I agree, ravi swami, but..... ..... if time is a constant and not an [...]

Is Space God ? Piet’s reply.

but we have to go deeply into the question of what BEFORE means if time started with the big bang. I think the answer is that time has more aspects/dimensions than the linear clock-time. I think there is a primorial beyond-time that still has time-llike qualities, in fact may be the REAL time from which [...]

Is Space God ?

Question to Piet on 25th July 2001 : I am getting tired of the world trying to understand the universe and the Big Bang without trying to comprehend SPACE first. Because everything will come and go : there is one constant - SPACE - in which the universe is born - it dies - but [...]

My eternal lover

locked in your embrace every moment every breath together we walk you my lover that waits to strike me to betray me to consume me at any moment and have done so forever and yet i cannot let you go for i am because you are i breathe because you allow me to i do [...]


Recently I had a really upset fan write to me, who reacted adversely to a TV interview of mine on National TV. Where I said that I was far more comfortable with failure than I ever will be with success. He thought I was looking down upon those that are working hard and striving to [...]