Today my edit room was taken over by people interviewing Shekhar for the Electronic Press Kit (EPK), so Jill could keep editing upstairs is her suite. An EPK is a delivery requirement of the distributer of the film and is sent out to the press. They are normally a half an hour long making of [...]

i said

i said i could look after myself and i lied i said i did not need you and i lied i said i could do wihtout your love and i lied i said i was happy and i lied i said i did not need any anyone and i lied the truth was and is [...]

the post production diary

I am Billy, the 1st assistant Editor on ‘The Golden Age,’ and I will be keeping a diary throughout the post production of the film. Our Editor is the amazing Jill Bilcock, some of her past credits include Moulin Rouge, The Libertine, Road to Perdition, Romeo + Juliet and of course the 1st Elizabeth. We [...]

Shooting ratio’s,

Kedar asked me what my shooting ratio is generally; Masoom, my first film was shot 3:1.... Mr India, which was a visual effects film was naturally bigger, But when I did Bandit Queen, I was asked to shoot a minimum of 10:1 Elizabeth was probably about 10:1 Four Feathers must have gone up to 20:1 [...]

Post Production !!

So here I am, back in London to come to terms with what I've done. Meantime Jill Bilcock has done an assembly (which means she has strung everything together in sme sort of linear way in order for the film to make sense ... ... the people at Working title (the producers) have seen the [...]


Back in London now, to do the post on Golden Age, and found it just tooooo depressing to leave India.. For Mumbai kept me far far more alive than London could ever do. When u are constantly confronted with mortality and contradictions, you are forced to live life on the edge. What better way to [...]

who is the I ?

From: Piet Hut, 29th julu 2001, in response the following question from me : "The past is imagined - but somewhat real - yes ? It happened - but ofcourse now exists in thought only - although physical ramifications of past actions are real - yes ? therefore from that point of view there is [...]

‘weird’ ?

from shekhar to Piet : 28th July 2001 " This very moment is ALL that is real" - yes I agree, - But for you, is that scientific theorey that is current - or is it from your buddhist exploration ? Oh no, that is from my own exploration, partly Buddhist, partly Taoist, partly other [...]