Nanotechnolgy 2

This is a comment from Sasikanth, a Nanotechnologist at Cornell Unversity. It would be interesting to initiate a discussion on how this new technology will affect our daily iives in all spheres. Sasikant says "Sekhar, I am a nanotechnologist at Cornell University working on technologies. Being a nanotechnology researcher I think I have to comment [...]

Dhoom 2

To all those Bollywood fans out there, I finally managed to get tickets for Dhoom 2 in London. It's the only film in London other than Casino Royal that is consistently 'house full'. The film is a lot of fun in a charmingly silly way. But I think it is time to change the name [...]

Trial and Error

Apologies to thse that have ben visiting this site for the last month. We have been very busy in the edit room, and I guess we have been guilty of ignoring the site. Editing is a process that often is one of trial and error And of course it is not like filming, where so [...]


Just as we are getting used to the Digital Age, we are about to be overwhelmed by the 'Nano Age'. Often wondered how that will affect me as a story teller/film director. I look at a Camera, which is really a passive recording device that 'reads' light as refelected by the observed object. Nano technology [...]

Intellectual Property and Piracy

I have been both attending and speaking on conferences on the future of Media and Technology. I use the two terms together as more and more Technlogy and Entertainment/Media are converging to become the same bussiness. One thing that consistantly comes up is the question of Intellectual property and Piracy. I think the lawyers/Corporations have [...]

Coincidence (again)

Question inspired by Andrew's post : Do coincidences occur as events that we become startingly aware of, or do we subconciously manifest them ourselves ? And is there indeed any difference in the two statements? For if our Universe is an interconnected matrix of all time,space and existence, then it is difficult to seperate an [...]

Andrew’s post on coincidence

Andrew is a neuroscientist who is grappling with the idea's of recurring coincidences, and would like to relate to other people that have the same experiences. He says : "So, this all sounds interesting. I am a PhD trained neuroscientist. Have also completed an MD, BA, and MA. Have never studied anything from serendipity point [...]

Saddam’s Death Sentence

Tony Blair, the British prme Minister said he was against executing Saddam Hussain. Because he against Capital Punishment. I don't get it. He sent his troops to Iraq to kill Saddam Hussain ! I do not think anyone can deny that Saddam Hussain is responsible for horrendous crmes against his own people. Though in all [...]