Loving, Shiva and Krishna

Natasha's questions (comment posted under the Void), led to this play of thought: "Love for another being is not neccesarily the only way to search for your yourself, your consciousness. But 'LOVE" in itself is essential to find yourself. Love is the 'harmony' that embraces all the contradictory forces of our Universe, so only through [...]

2006 will be remembered for ….

10 years from now in 2016, here are the ten things that 2006 will be most remembered for ... 1. The Decline of the Big Brother.... It is the year that world over people lost their fear of the Western powers, represented mostly by the US and it's immediate Western allies. Financially, politically or economically. [...]

Amitabh vs Shahrukh

The newspapers are blazing with pages full of the supposed power struggle between the two stars. The power struggle apparently (if the papers are to be believed) is dividing the biggest political leaders, the biggest industrial icons in India. But can any one tell me what this power struggle is about, struggle for what ? [...]

Water Wars, the coming Urban Disaster

The next wars will be fought over water and not oil. As Global warming takes place, water will become the scarcest resource. Millions will die of thirst and countries will go to war to colonize the water resources. Or maybe not ? Will Nano technology bring a much more energy efficient way to distill sea [...]

Paani, the begining

So what is Paani about and what provokes me to want to make the film ? And if it provokes me so much, then why have I not made it so far ? I am going to talk about the germinating of the film, first as an idea, then into a script, and now into [...]


Anyone out there also not quite sure how to react to Borat ? Sure it's clever, and even funny. But it made me feel uncomfortable about ridiculing another culture in such an extreme way... But I guess I have seen our own Mehmood do the same take but much better for years in Hindi movie. [...]

Into the Void

u left plunging me into a void that grows so vast that with each moment i am afraid even you cannot now fill it yet your name is the mantra i whisper with each breath as i yearn to fall even deeper into the void shekhar shekhar

Water on Mars !

So we celebrate. The possibility that there may be life on Mars. Not sure whether we are more afraid that there may be other life forms out there that are far more evolved than us, or more afraid that we are the only ones around.... ... But don't you sometimes consider how arrogant our search [...]