Lonely Planet

The Scottish Goverment have an annual competetion (and apperently there is huge demand) to invite people to live in the remote bleak and freezing island called Fair Isle. if you are 'lucky', you get to spend the rest of your life with a total population of 76 inhabitants, more or less cut off from civilization. [...]

The Goa Film Festival

In light of this continuing dialogue over child trafficking in Goa... ......I have to admit that I was one of the prime motivators of shifting the Indian International Film Festival to Goa. There were many reason and the then Chief Minister , Panniker backed the idea and the film festival was born. However..There was, as [...]

Child sex abuse in Goa

While everyone is ga ga over India's 10% pa economic growth, and cell phone companies are valued at $ 25 Billion, little children are killed for their organs while the parents are still searching for them a year later. And now a new report says that Goa is taking over from Cambodia and Thailand as [...]

Oprah’s School

Sure, there is going to be a lot of critcism about the elitist nature of the enterprise, and about the immense amount of media coverage. But this one so obviously comes from Oprah's heart. She is welcome to India anytime. Do read Nikita's comment under "A Mother's letter from Noida" where she sees Oprah's actions [...]

A Riddle

I run towards a stationary man. I can measure the distance, my velocity and the time it takes for me to get to him. Conversely, the stationary man too, from his point of view percieves exactly the same time, velocity and passage of time as I do. We move in exactly the same space time [...]