letting go

It's when love turns to need. Its when love becomes more desire than nurture and caring. Its when love turns in into possesion and then into obsession. It's when you say 'you belong to me'. It's the beginings of ownership. It's the beginings of the end of love... Do I stop loving you when you [...]

Arjuna, you coward !

Arjuna, you coward ! stop moralizing your your own sense of fear stop crystalizing unknown, imagined demons into moral statements listen to Krishna, don't waste his time do not be afraid of the chaos of battle there are so many of us waiting for Krishna to push us over the edge shekhar


Heard on the grapevine that when the producers and distributors of the film 'Queen' saw the final product, they did not think the film good enough to release in the theatres, so initially decided to release the film straight to Video ..... Obviously better sense prevailed and the film was released gaining substantial box office [...]

Immortality and Passion

Ofetn I hear people speak of Immortality. Of the desire to live longer. Forever ? But then isn't passion defined by death ? I do because I die. Isn't creativity a product of Passion and therefore of Death ? Our universe exists on the dance of creation and destruction, and without this play between two [...]