Shift Happens

I urge all of you to go to this site :
And then ask the question “So why does more 70 % of the world’s population still barely survive at starvation levels ?” Shekhar

Passion and Practicality

For me, and I guess for many others, life is a constant battle between following your passion and being practical. I fought ‘Practicality’ a long time ago, and followed my passions, but never quite completely, for……

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A Symphony of Stillness

Recently I met with David Adjeye, one of the world’s most exciting new architects. Google him to see some of his work. Anyway we got along so well, that we decided to design and create something together. A place called ” A Symphony of Stillness”….

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The Indian Budget

This budget is a good long term look at our economy from Mr Chidambaram. Recognizing that the the Indian Industrial and Service economy is rolling along, he has wisely left it well alone. I am sure he is thinking ‘ let’s see how it goes for the next year and then we can do some corrections’. I personally disagree with those that are panicked about inflation. Inflationary tendencies of up to 6 % have historically been an essential part of economic growth, provided it is backed by corresponding increase in productivity.

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Credit cards, something strange ..

Just found out that if you make a direct debit charge on your credit card, your credit card company will refuse to cancel it. The supplier has to stop charging you ….

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After Da Vinci Code …..

Titanic director James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici of Exodus fame have produced a documentary which they claim is about to rock the very foundation of Christianity. Cameron claims the coffins of Jesus Christ and his family have been found at a burial cave in a suburb of Jerusalem, adding that the discovery means Jesus did not rise from the grave – a popular Christian belief, also called the Resurrection.

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Smile haiku

my smile
in it’s own smile

The Naadi, guest column by Kavitha Kannan

Scripted over 5000 yrs ago, the Naadi documents the lives of the whole human race on planet earth. A feat accomplished by sages who gained clairvoyance through ‘Siddhi’. The sheer enormity of this effort was mind boggling when I first heard about it — palm leaves for every human being on this planet, past present and future !

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Britney Spears

So Britney Spears shaved her head in public. She tatooed herself in public. She exposed herself without panties in public. And the Media is ga ga over the falling of a great American Icon. Yet it is the creation of the Icon that is the hysteria, not the falling of one ….

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Our Mythic lives, or Mundane lives ?

Between the Mythic and the Mandane. Which plane of existence do we really exist in ? Is every breath really an intake of the energies of the cosmos, the prana of the universe in each breath ? Or is it the mere intake of essential oxygen to feed our red blood corpuscles. Does every thought project itself into the universe and live there and change the Universe forever ? Is every thought a projection of our lives past preasent and future, of Karma ?

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