looking for love

to find love,
we look too hard,
to accept love,
we doubt too much

Coalition of the killing

The house is on fire, and everyone discusses the politics of the fire brigade. Between 50 to a 100 innocent Iraqi civilians are dying everyday. The more that are killed, the more the horrendous death toll is turning into a mere statistic to fill the time slot for CNN or BBC, or whatever. The attention has turned much more to the politcal negotiations and machinations, the finacial cost to the US, the exact number of soldiers to be sent to Iraq or Afganistaan…

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Akhilesh: Why Rural India is Indispensable

We all want to see our nation among the developed lots. Some of us want a step further, to see it as ‘world guru’. We assume that the present growth trajectory is just right. I have a point , being from the pedestrian level. Let’s talk some data first –

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Time to let go

when your soul
is telling you
it is time to
to soar
to the freedom
you were born with,

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A voice from rural India by Akhilesh Shukla

In Mahabharat, when Narad asks Yudhishdhir about his well being, the king replies that his fields are no more dependant on rains for irrigation. I quote this to show the importance of basic irrigation system for a state and its economy and care from the apex level of authority. Yes, I am going to connect this to our current situation, I say current plight.

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Open Thread

There are so many of our community on this blog now that are interacting together, so I propose an Open Thread every Monday. Arguments are great. All I ask is that everyone respect each others point of view. I too will pop into the discussion. Shekhar

Agression Budget

With the world (rightly so) alarmed at the 18% rise in the Chinese ‘defence budet’ to $ 45 billion, it is good to look at this in perspective. At almost $ 500 billion, the US invests almost 50% of the total spending on Miltary might on planet earth. Given the state of our planet, no one can really afford it ….

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The Creative act Paul Coehlo 2

Mr Coehlo and I were looking at creativity from different points of view. I have a fairly spiritualistic view of creativity – which defines creativity as moments of harmony with a Universe that is at constant creative play or Leela. And Mr Coehlo probably did not see this notion of ” a creative moment that has passed before it can be expressed in a structured way” , as relavent to our discussion….

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Paul Coehlo and the creative act

Some time ago I was on the same panel as Paul Coehlo (The Alchemist) on this very question. What is a creative act ? We disagreed. Paul thought that merely being creative does not imply a creative act. He interpreted the creative act as ‘creative work’. All creativity must be translated into creative work. Is that right ?

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The Demolisher of Imbalances

Our President Abdul Kalam Azad has got it absolutely right. Get every Indian Broadband Connected and we will then rise as one people to become the leading knowledge and hopefully ‘wisdom’ powers in the world. It is something I have been pushing for a long time. Put Broadband connectivity as priority infrastructure in our economic plan. Check the President’s speech at :

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