A symbol of real courage

19 year old Jessica Lynch’s oddessy did not begin when her armored vehicle was blown up by a bomb. She survived and her gun jammed without being able to fire a single shot. Injured, she was captured by the Iraq’s and taken to hospital, where she was treated kindly and the Iraqi’s actually tried to get her back to the US forces ! But finally she was ‘rescued’ by the US forces and taken back to the US. And then her oddessy really began ….

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working stills

For those that wld like to see some working stills from the film, please visit


can we find sense,
in a realm beyond sense ?

Love given, not received

While most of us lament there is not enough love around, that the world would be so much better a place if people loved each other more, I want to put out a point for discussion. That most of us actually find it much more difficult to accept love than to give it. We often do not even recognize love when it is given, and if we do, we fear it. The fear that it will be snatched away the moment we accept it. We spend our lives protecting ourselves from being loved.

Virginia tech Killings

Cho Seung-Hui, who killed 32 people on Campus, was apparently lonely, desperately looking for his individuality, burdened by anger against a society that he saw as antagonistic. Needed desperately to be noticed. To be touched. Living in a fantasy world in which his final act would be the supreme statement of his own existence. If this young man was in Iraq or Palestine, he would have been a suicide bomber and labeled simply as a Muslim terrorist. So while the world tries to understand why young Cho would commit such a tragic last act, I would ask the world to look at the young suicide bomber with the same analysis.

Piracy, China and Hollywood

So Hollywood and therefore the US is up in arms against Piracy of Hollywood movies in China, saying they are losing billions of dollars in revenue. What a white faced lie ! The fact is that 80% of the people that buy pirated copies of movies in China can either can not get to the theatres or just cannot afford either the ticket price, nor the price a fully priced DVD as per the US standard. They would just not see the film …

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searching in the spaces
between our words,
speaking words
that have meaning
only in silence


to shatter myself
in a billion pieces
and then let God
put me together again

Global warming: from Ecosystem to Egosystem

What we as human beings have forgotten is that we evolved as an inherent part of the Ecosystem of nature. Over millions of years, and much more. A system that evolved with such intricate and delicate, almost invisible balances. The sheer artistry of nature is a wonder to behold in itself. Now we see ourselves as controllers of that ecosystem. We now, in our arrogance, have evolved ourselves as an Egosystem …….

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Pope Benedict’s rallying call to Christians

According to the NY Times magazine, Pope Benedict’s ambition is to bring back Europe to it’s Catholic roots. His argument according to NY times is : “Secularism may be one of the great developments in history, but the secularism that holds sway in much of the West is flawed. The mistaken conviction that reason and faith are two distinct realms has weakened Europe and brought it to the verge of catastrophic collapse'”

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