A symbol of real courage

19 year old Jessica Lynch's oddessy did not begin when her armored vehicle was blown up by a bomb. She survived and her gun jammed without being able to fire a single shot. Injured, she was captured by the Iraq's and taken to hospital, where she was treated kindly and the Iraqi's actually tried to [...]

Love given, not received

While most of us lament there is not enough love around, that the world would be so much better a place if people loved each other more, I want to put out a point for discussion. That most of us actually find it much more difficult to accept love than to give it. We often [...]

Virginia tech Killings

Cho Seung-Hui, who killed 32 people on Campus, was apparently lonely, desperately looking for his individuality, burdened by anger against a society that he saw as antagonistic. Needed desperately to be noticed. To be touched. Living in a fantasy world in which his final act would be the supreme statement of his own existence. If [...]

Piracy, China and Hollywood

So Hollywood and therefore the US is up in arms against Piracy of Hollywood movies in China, saying they are losing billions of dollars in revenue. What a white faced lie ! The fact is that 80% of the people that buy pirated copies of movies in China can either can not get to the [...]