The Great Storm

When Phillip of Spain launched the Armada to invade England, it was one of the greatest fleets ever launched in an invasion. Even though the fleet was ill prepared (more about that later), combined with the forces of the Duke of Parma, the English Navy did not have enough defences to stop it. But for [...]

Golden Age, the second in a trilogy

Elizabeth was about Power. Survival in the context of Power. Love and Betrayal in the context of Power. And the trade off between the ruthlessness that is essential to gaining Power, against innocence, love, trust and joyfulness. Golden Age, on the other hand is about Immortality. It is about absolute Power and the aspiring to [...]

Letting go of Golden Age

Fro two years i waited for this day. I thought I would heave a sigh of relief. I would be free. I would go play, take a holiday, explore the universe again. Find myself again. This day, the day I finished Golden Age. And now that the day is here, I am in turmoil. It's [...]

Test Scores

Studio's these days will test films with audiences to judge their reactiosn. At the end of the movie the audiences are asked to rate aspects of the film via a very thorough and a very comprehensive questionaire. An analysis of which reveals a lot about how the film is percieved. By male or female audiences. [...]

Letting go !

Barring the final mix. Where all the elements of sound (effects, foley,music and dialogue tracks) are mixed together to give us the final sound in the theatre. And Barring what we call the DI, where the all the colours and the intensity of the film is 'harmonized' or even 'deharmonized ' for a particular emotion [...]

I hate Video monitors

Kedar asked me if I encourage my actors to look at Video monitors. Actually I really hate video monitos, and if the producers did not insist, I would never have them on my set. . I never watch them personally and believe that it is waste f time for the actors to watch them. The [...]