I thought I lost you
because you were you
but now I know
I lost you
because I was I


is there a slipstream
of consciousness
that i can tap into ?
buffeted by currents
so strong
that i completely lose
a sense of myself
in a rush
towards such infinite speeds
that finally there is nothing
but stillness


The joy of life also lies in forgetting what was,
and then rediscovering it…
I heard the birds sing again this morning,
every morning….

to be lost

to be lost
is to be free
and to be lost
in being lost
freedom lies
in what I lose
not what I gain

Open Forum: Is India being sold ?

… to the highest bidder ? Is the high rate of economic growth being achieved by a larger and larger concentration of wealth in fewer hands ? or is there indeed a an internal growth in productivity and wealth that is spreading through our nation……

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j krishnamurti

my cousin sent me this birthday greeting that I want to share :
“as j.krishnamurti says ‘the roots of heaven are in living and dying’ so birthdays are important as a reference point of the great illusion of time.

Birthday/Marrakech film festival/Milos Foreman

Just wanted to thank everyone that have posted birthday wishes to me on this blog, on my e mail and via text. I spent my birthday on a flight to London, on my way to Marrakech. Where I am on the jury of the film festival. The chairman of Jury is Milos Foreman, who has made some of my all time favourite films…..

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The builder

Came out from “Jazz by the Bay’, a club in Mumbai, into Marine Drive. Called the ‘Queens Necklace’, this area is among the most desirable and expensive real estate in Mumbai. Was approached by a really old bent and gnarled woman begging for some money. I asked her where she came from. ‘Sholapur’ she said, but had been in Mumbai for longer than she can remember. She left her village in search of food and a better life. A better life ?…..

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Hollywood vs Bollywood ?

I took part in the NDTV debate and realized we were not talking about the same things. The medium and the technology may be the same, but the culture, both of viewing and of creating are completely different. Our films satisfy a completely different need from our audiences, Over the last 50 years they have developed into a completely different culture than the West. It had become fashionable to compare the two and also fashionable to revile Indian Cinema in the context of the west .. till ..

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Golden Age/Divinity/History/Desire

Once when I was discussing the film with Cate Blanchett I showed her a DVD that I, along with some really great artists, had created. I was looking to see if I could create a visual script rather than a written script. . I love music and visuals in a film and feel that a film needs as minimum dialoge as possible. Looking back on films of mine that have succeeded, I notice that in those I never struggled with long pages of dialogue. Anyway Cate Blanchett saw the Budha DVD and immedietly said ‘ U are trying to tell the story of Buddha through Elizabeth !! ….

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