great new year

I hope all of you have a great new year, where the mind and soul feels fresh like a child’s. Unburdened by past memories, but enriched by the wisdom of experiences of the year(s) gone by. Where each dawn is like a new birth, each touch unlike one before, each sunset a moment of deep contemplation and prayer. I wish you all the immense adventure of life. I wish you all everything the ‘leela’ and ‘maya’ of life can offer. I wish you all the the joys of humility and gifts of love. Shekhar

New Year Resolutions

ideas ?

Benazir’s killing and Al Quaeda

Who killed Benazir ? Suicide bombings were unheard of in Pakistan before 9/11. And before the US ordered Musharraf to send his army against his own people in Pakistan’s western regions to flush out the Taliban. Why ? The supposed reason was to look for Osama Bin Laden. But that was EIGHT years ago, and Osama could be dead of natural causes by now. No one talks about him anymore in any case, and the Keyword has become Al Quaeda, about whom no one knows very much. Because Al Quaeda has now becomea ‘philosophy of terrorism ‘ as an acceptable tool of warfare, rather than a cohesive organization anymore. It is the usual construct of the Western World looking for simple answers to vastly complex problems of cultural divide, religious divide and harsh economic disparities……

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like a jigsaw
pieces of myself scattered,
putting them together
searching for lost ones,
one piece that is missing,
that makes sense of the rest
is you

Benazir Bhutto 2

Benazir Bhutto in her younger days. She was president of the Oxford University Students Union. A face so full of optmism, joy and hope. Can only the young be so optimistic ? Is youth unafraid of consequences, or merely unaware of them ?

Benazir Bhutto

Benazir has been assasinated. Tragedy not only for democracy. For Benazir’s family. But a great tragedy for Pakistan. Lets pray that Pakistan can hold itself together and not break out in civil war. Will they still hold electons still ? Can Pakistan survive this ? Is Pakistan being turned into another Afganistan. Will we ultimately hold the US responsible for creating such chaos in Pakistan ?


the things i did
and those i did not
the way things went
and the way they did not
the things i can
and those i cannot
it’s just the way it is
and just the way it was


I don’t get the Indian Media. Till the recent election all I read was Narendra Modi was an arch villian. A man responsible for using caste politics for his own power, turning a blind eye to the loss of Muslim lives, perhaps even abetting it. Now he is being potrayed as a Hero. Someone that won the election on a development plank. Does the Indian Media only love winners ? So which one is Narendra Modi ? Hero or Villian?

The Art of Nautanki and Hindi films

Yes, the ART of Nautanki. This much abused word is actually a folk art form that has been prevalent in our culture for over a thousand years. And in most other cultures in Asia. A folk art form of the theatre. Usually performed by traveling troupes of actors, it comprised the telling of stories using all the nine Rasaa’s of emotions as described in various ancients texts , including in Yoga. Therefore the word – ‘Nau (nine) tanki’…..

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The gift of talent, I believe, is a huge responsibility. It does not really belong to you. It never did. If used for merely acquiring wealth fame and power, talent turns into the devil that eats into your soul. Like a gambling debt, like an addiction. Not to a supreme creative endeavour but to the artificial surrounds of wealth, power and fame.
Talent is Prasadam. It can be taken away if not placed at the altar. Talent is the temple. And when it is lost, as it will be if abused, all that is left is the empty shell of addiction. Talent can never be yours, for it is much more substantial than your ego. And the more creative force there is to talent, the more universal, the more beyond yourself it becomes. It is as if someone loaned you the gift to tap into a universal creativity.
Of course there is temptation. The pull of the mortal and material needs never cease. It’s a constant battle to retain the purity, the innocence, the child like playful quality of creative talent.