Akira Kurosawa on film critics

Here is what one of the greatest film directors of all time said about film critics : "There is a famous haiku by Bashio : An old pond A frog jumps in - the sound of the water. People who read it and say “Well, of course if a frog jumps into the water, there’s [...]

Tata, Jaguar, Land Rover

Like all Indian's I too walk a little prouder in London with the Jaguar and Land Rover brands almost owned by Tata. But from a business point of view I am not so sure. The Jaguar brand has been struggling for decades. I owned a couple years ago and constantly had transmission problems. The jaguar [...]

Mob molestation outside JW Marriott

All Mumbaiites should feel very very concerned of the behaviour of drunken young men that molested the young girls outside J W Marriott on New Years eve. While there are individual incidents of rape etc reported all the time, what is frightening about this incident was the mob mentality that took over without a single [...]