Bhaji bashing and the politics of cricket

Pull out of the tour ? What nonsense ! Hey guys – cricket is just a game which we lost ! It happens all the time, bad umpiring or not. Australia is a damn good team and really hard to beat. But we are turning out to be such a nation of cry babies ! Now all the politicians in India have got into the ‘ cricketing’ act. “Get our team back”. ‘We will fight this insult”. Soon I guess the Indian parliament will be in uproar, forgetting deeper more important issues like ‘law and order ‘ in India, where lives of the under privileged are constantly treated with indifference. Where abuse is the order of the day. The answer to all this is to beat the hell out of the Aussie’s the next match ….. if u can !

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Inventor of the ‘Jaipur foot’ has passed away

In our Bollywood and Cricket obsessed media, the passing of one of the greatest Indians of our time has almost gone un-noticed. Dr P K Sethi confounded the scientific community of the world by developing a simple, affordable answer to people that had lost limbs. While the scientific community all over the world invested billions of dollars to create expensive artificial legs, Dr Sethi was already giving a new life to thousands of people all over the world. People who otherwise would have lived lesser lives with their handicap. Not content with idea just raking in millions of dollars by patenting his invention (which he could have) – Dr Sethi saw his purpose as a much larger one of “serving the people’. His hospital in Jaipur welcomed the poor, and treated them free. He stands as example to the international medical and the Scientific community – who seem to be obsessed with the fortunes they can make through their inventions and discoveries. Please visit the following web sites and thousands others and mark our respect for a great human being

Bush expands his ‘war on terror’ to inlude all of Pakistan

Pakistan stands now on the brink of being the next Afghanistan. The killing of Benazir Bhutto is now being seen as an opportunity by President Bush to include all of Pakistan in ‘covert operations’. Not just the Western Tribal areas. The CIA is already considering covert operations. The excuse will be that an ‘unstable nation that has nuclear capabilities, is under threat from Islamic fundamentalism’. It will take a lot of will and hard thinking from the Pakistani people to stop this and not allow their nation to become the next battle ground between terrorism and the US. And neither can India now stand by and watch. Nothing will be worse for us than an ‘Afghanistan or and Iraq like’ situation at our borders. It is time for us to change our strategy towards Pakistan ….

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Kumble : Were the Australians really unsporting ?

OK, some really bad umpiring cost us the 2nd test match in Sydney. Or did it ? It’s only a guess that the match would have been drawn if the decisions had not gone the way they did. I actually do not think that Kumble should have been so down beat in his press conference. Why blame the Aussie’s for being unsporting ? They always play with aggressive intentions as must India. Would an Indian player actually have claimed a player ‘not out’ if the umpire was in doubt ? Just look at the way bowlers always howl for dismissals all the time – hoping to unsettle the umpire into giving a decisions against the batsmen. It’s the way the game is all over the world.

Akira Kurosawa on film critics

Here is what one of the greatest film directors of all time said about film critics :
“There is a famous haiku by Bashio :
An old pond
A frog jumps in –
the sound of the water.
People who read it and say “Well, of course if a frog jumps into the water, there’s going to be a noise” simply have no feeling for haiku. There are sometimes such human beings among film critics – the things they say they see are so far off the beam that you would think they were possessed by some kind of demon. I suppose nothing can be done about critics, but we can’t have such people among film directors.’” A quote by Akira Kurosawa.
Film is poetry. But more and more film critics look for prose. Even critics now are too impatient to look beyond. Like the rest of our society now, they too suffer from information overload. We are are becoming increasingly a ‘reactive’ society’ propelled by unrelenting external stimuli.

My Father, Guest Column by Horst Vollman

Dear Shekhar “the Mother” is a beautifully written ode to the eternal mother in all women. But there are also fathers out there who deserve all the love we can give to them. Here is my story:
My father.
When the phone call came from Germany on this gray winter morning a few days past Christmas 1990 and my sister had uttered the ominous words I knew that our father would soon leave us. The words fell like a hammer, there was a finality to them that left no room for a sliver of hope: pancreatic cancer. This was a cancer with a reputation for swiftness and a survival rate of virtually nil. Neither my sister nor myself had the courage to break the dreaded news to him or for that matter to our mother……

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Tata, Jaguar, Land Rover

Like all Indian’s I too walk a little prouder in London with the Jaguar and Land Rover brands almost owned by Tata. But from a business point of view I am not so sure. The Jaguar brand has been struggling for decades. I owned a couple years ago and constantly had transmission problems. The jaguar is famous for them. And not since the e – type 30 years ago has Jaguar come up with something really revolutionary. Other than the traditional Land Rover used primarily for defence and off-road activity, the road models also face mechanical problems and are nowhere as reliable as the original basic Land Rover, which is terrific…..

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JW Marriott molestation – Open Questions

I am surprised how the media is targeting the police. Without trying to question why this event happened. Like it was merely a law and order problem. What was the psychology behind 70 men treating the humiliation of two young women as spectator sport ? I am sure that it was not just group of friends, but amongst the 70 men, most were just those that just joined in for the ‘fun’. Why did no one try and stop it ? This was not a sexual act. It was an act where a group of men enjoyed the sexual humiliation of two young women. And to them the best way to humiliate women is to publicly strip them off their clothes and fondle them. It is the frightening the way that these men feel empowered through the sexual humiliation of women. How lacking must their own self worth be, that they feel a surge of power and domination through such acts ?

Mob molestation outside JW Marriott

All Mumbaiites should feel very very concerned of the behaviour of drunken young men that molested the young girls outside J W Marriott on New Years eve. While there are individual incidents of rape etc reported all the time, what is frightening about this incident was the mob mentality that took over without a single thought or compassion for the hapless girls. Almost like hunting pack animals, the girls were attacked by a mob of 70/80 men that were ripping off their clothes. Which means that this has become a socially acceptable behaviour pattern. Why does this happen …… ?

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Is Time really running out ?

If ages could be divided into the Age of Reason, the Age of Contemplation, the Age of Action, then surely we are living in the Age of Hurry. We all act as if we are about to miss the train, forever chasing that elusive concept called Time. Somehow believing there is an absolute and exclusive connection between what we DO and that which gets DONE. Not realizing that in our zeal to Do and anxiousness not to miss that elusive train, we are often blocking and standing in the way of that which we want Done. We replace the positivity of passion and action by the FEAR of not achieving. The Universe is then reacting more to our fear.
So one of my New Year resolutions is not to chase that elusive event of the future, as much as to act with passion and belief in THIS moment. And I wish you all a fearless year.