hollywod strike

Really interesting article. A must read for all those that are looking to be film makers. It’s what I have been saying about the coming democracy of the new media, where large corporations will no longer be the gatekeepers between the film makers and the viewers.


to tumne kabhi hawa se poocha ?
tu kahan se ayee,
aur kahan gayee ?
kyon aiee
aur kyon gayee ?


a gentle touch of a finger
a leg rested gently against mine,
a kind glance of empathy
in a crowded room,
a hushed caring voice
on the other end
of a long distance call
are you ok ?,

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My Boat

confused traveler
bumping my boat
from shore to shore
not sure if the ports are bouncing me back
or the springs are in my boat
so strong that they push me
back into the rough seas
the moment they touch land ?
because till i see the destination
i will not know I am there

In Las Vegas

OK, from stories on the streets of Mumbai to Las Vegas fr the opening of a Grand new casino called the Palaazzo. t’s such a completely different world. Being in a Casino is like entering a gigantic movie ..

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Farheed Zakaria on Musharraf and Pakistan in Newsweek

Farheed claims that Parvez Musharraf, whom he so admired, is now just holding on to power and should let go. He suggests that the once admired president would create a great legacy that brought Pakistan’s economy under control, and stopped the country from breaking into civil strife. I think Farheed Zakaria is being naive. He has forgotten the maxim ‘He that rides the Tiger’. The day Musharraf aligned himself with the American troops against his own people in the tribal hills bordering Afghanistan, he was a marked man. He knows that the day he gives up power, and no longer has the security that a president has, he either has to leave the country to a safe haven in the US, or will become an easier target for the fundamentalists – and rather like Benazir herself – with minimum security.

Can any of us be falsely accused of cyber crime ?

How difficult is it for someone to pirate your cyber identity ? Your IP address ? This case makes all of us completely vulnerable, given the complete break down of the judicial system in India, the lack of application of our police force that is anxious just to fix the blame as soon as possible to take the heat off them selves, the frightening lack of respect for the rights of the individual, Add to that lack of technical expertice of both, the Police and the Judicial system. A Bangalore based young software engineer Lakshmana Kailash k spent 50 horrendous days in Yerwada jail for a cyber crime he did not commit….

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The NRI and India’s rural economy

The total amount of FDI investments in India is estimated for 2007 is $ 15 billion. And we tout that fiigure proudly – and our stock market fluctuates on any variance from that figure too. Guess what NRI”s will remitt to India in the same period ? A mind boggling $ 30 billion ! 60% of which goes into goes into Rural India. Most consisting of small amounts for the maintanence of families left behind, or small investments. If the world bank is correct, every dollar remitted contributes 3 dollars to the GDP growth – which means that NRI’s are contributing to growth of almost a $ 60 billon to India’s rural economy.
(25 million people of Indian origin live outside India. On the other hand 45 million people of Chinese origin live outside China – but they remitt just $ 25 billion into China.) ……..

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The Tata Nano

Tata Nano
It’s caused a sensation all over the world, where car manufacturers looked forward to inundating the Indian consumer with their more expensive brands, only to see that an Indian co has completely stolen a march on them. Bravo Mr Tata ! But I really resent all the people that go on about the envoirnmental cost of the car. So it’s ok to allow people who can afford it. to import gas guzzling big and expensive brands. But the moment we have a real people’s car, that is energy efficient and serves those that the lower end of the pyramid, everyone is conscious of clogged roads….

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White skin, dark skin, Barak Obama

Never quite understood why the white skin has been considered superior. Or why historically white skinned people have considered themselves superior. When I was exploring a film on Nelson Mandela, I was horrified at the open statements made by the politicians of that time. They called the “darkies’ , not quite human, or like children that deserved to whipped. The British colonists called the Arabs ‘Fuzzy Wuzzies’, us ‘those damn natives’. It’s not that far ago in History that the white Americans were regularly indulging in ‘mob hangings’ or ‘stringings’ of innocent black people as they called them – almost as a sport. But what about us ? North Indians used to look down upon the South Indians because the colour of their skin. Still do……

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