hollywod strike

Really interesting article. A must read for all those that are looking to be film makers. It's what I have been saying about the coming democracy of the new media, where large corporations will no longer be the gatekeepers between the film makers and the viewers. http://blog.pmarca.com/2007/11/rebuilding-holl.html


a gentle touch of a finger a leg rested gently against mine, apnapan a kind glance of empathy in a crowded room, apnapan a hushed caring voice on the other end of a long distance call are you ok ?, apnapan a hand laid gently on my drooping shoulder at a time of grief, apnapan [...]

My Boat

confused traveler bumping my boat from shore to shore not sure if the ports are bouncing me back or the springs are in my boat so strong that they push me back into the rough seas the moment they touch land ? wandering because till i see the destination i will not know I am [...]

In Las Vegas

OK, from stories on the streets of Mumbai to Las Vegas fr the opening of a Grand new casino called the Palaazzo. t's such a completely different world. Being in a Casino is like entering a gigantic movie .. ..when people ask me what I love about making movies, is the ability of movies to [...]

The Tata Nano

It's caused a sensation all over the world, where car manufacturers looked forward to inundating the Indian consumer with their more expensive brands, only to see that an Indian co has completely stolen a march on them. Bravo Mr Tata ! But I really resent all the people that go on about the envoirnmental cost [...]

White skin, dark skin, Barak Obama

Never quite understood why the white skin has been considered superior. Or why historically white skinned people have considered themselves superior. When I was exploring a film on Nelson Mandela, I was horrified at the open statements made by the politicians of that time. They called the "darkies' , not quite human, or like children [...]