Children being bred for sex

Like pigs bred for slaughter, minor girls in Mumbai brothels are being bred for prostitution by being injected with growth hormones and fed testosterone pills in the guise of vitamin pills. So that they develop larger breasts and hips early. Customers apparently like under age girls with slightly mature bodies. Not only that, in the [...]

Love is

Whoever said that love is eternal was describing all of creation. Love embraces all existence. But when they added that 'true love' is eternal they allowed the wisdom of love to blow away. There is just love. Neither true nor false. We can be in denial of it. But nothing else would hold the universe [...]

Monkey mind

morning rays wrote : "hi shekhar, when a thinker is silent it could mean 2 things.......a positive...that you're in the midst of ideas .....and a negative....your emotions are bottled up at the moment. when we visit your blog regularly there is a bond with you.......which makes us want to see you HAPPY ! share....... and [...]

Paani Script

3 years ago, before I started on Golden Age, I began to compile pictures of people that live on the streets and under the new highways. Pictures that would help in the research for what conditions are likely to be for people that live on streets and in water deprived conditions. As many of you [...]

Farewell, Heath ledger

In Heath I have lost a younger brother. He was one the most gentle, the most honest , most caring,and most compassionate persons I had met. And one of the most honest actors I worked with. I often told him that he had the ability to completely bare his soul in front of the camera, [...]