Children being bred for sex

Like pigs bred for slaughter, minor girls in Mumbai brothels are being bred for prostitution by being injected with growth hormones and fed testosterone pills in the guise of vitamin pills. So that they develop larger breasts and hips early. Customers apparently like under age girls with slightly mature bodies. Not only that, in the event of a police raid, the brothel owners can claim the girls to be older. According to DNA a 14 year old girl complained ” i hate looking at my body. My hips and chest have swelled in the last year and suddenly I have hair on my chin”.
Just around the corner of course, the stock exchange is making people into billionaires everyday. And land deals are being also struck for billions of dollars in the backyard of these brothels.

Paani : Will even these buckets go empty ?

Another picture form my Paani photo file :
water album - 139.jpg
In Mumbai many of the slum and pavement dwellers begin their search for water at 3 am daily. Many having to buy water from the ‘water mafia’ at Rs 5 per ‘Handi’. Considering that it takes upto 4/5 handi’s to just cook a meal, many people are spending up to 30% of their incomes on water. If we do not completely re-assess our attitudes towards water, in the near future the daily life of most people in the city will be dominated by the search for water, and leading to riots and inner city wars over water. The city will be ruled by the water mafia. Please do go the following site, to get an update on the situation as it exists now :

Between nothing and everything

The great Indian teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj once said, “Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows.” “I am nothing” does not mean that there is a bleak wasteland within. It does mean that with awareness we open to a clear, unimpeded space, without center or periphery–nothing separate. If we are nothing, there is nothing at all to serve as a barrier to our boundless expression of love. Being nothing in this way, we are also, inevitably, everything. “Everything” does not mean self-aggrandizement, but a decisive recognition of interconnection; we are not separate. Both the clear, open space of “nothing” and the interconnectedness of “everything” awaken us to our true nature. This is the truth we contact when we meditate, a sense of unity beyond suffering. It is always present; we merely need to be able to access it.
Thank you, Himanshu for this extract in your post. I took the liberty of blogging it. It was exactly what I was leading to in my previous blog on ‘Love is”, shekhar

Love is

Whoever said that love is eternal was describing all of creation. Love embraces all existence. But when they added that ‘true love’ is eternal they allowed the wisdom of love to blow away. There is just love. Neither true nor false. We can be in denial of it. But nothing else would hold the universe together. It is what holds time and space together in a constant, beautiful and playful illusion. It always will. Love is what will forever elude scientists from being able to define our existence. For love is a never ending equation that wraps itself around all of eternity. Bounding in and out of itself and constantly evolving. And will do forever. Love is the song of the universe.
i love you
i love

Monkey mind

morning rays wrote : “hi shekhar, when a thinker is silent it could mean 2 things…….a positive…that you’re in the midst of ideas …..and a negative….your emotions are bottled up at the moment. when we visit your blog regularly there is a bond with you…….which makes us want to see you HAPPY ! share……. and the good will get better…….and the negatives will get blown away !”
Thank you ‘morning rays’. It makes me feel great there is a community out there that I can share with. Bond with. Honestly ? I am trying to calm the mind down. It has been in what I call the ‘scrambling mode’. Which is what you get into when you make and release a film. You are constantly problem solving amidst a hundred people. It has been too used now to diversions for so long, it keeps looking for them. I have the script of Paani in my mind, in my heart. Just finding it difficult to getting it down on paper. Trying to calm my mind down. Get used to being alone, and get on with it ! shekhar

Paani Script

water album - 008.jpg
3 years ago, before I started on Golden Age, I began to compile pictures of people that live on the streets and under the new highways. Pictures that would help in the research for what conditions are likely to be for people that live on streets and in water deprived conditions. As many of you know, Paani is the story of a city that has been divided into the upper and the lower city. In the year 2025. Global warming has taken place leading to a severe water shortage. The Upper City sucks up all the water and then drip feeds the lower city. Water is now a weapon of economic and political oppression. Writing the script now !

Mythology or Psychology ?

where lies my true self ?
am I a creature of my psychology
or does my deepest self lie
in the burning fires
of my mythology ?
so bold and so gripping
that every feeling, every act
lies in the imagined stories
of God’s and Goddesses
of demons and of angels
of the impossible dance of shiva
of the the cruxifiction of christ
of the contradictions between the eternity of the universe
where everything is and is not
all at the same time
of the questions between illusory and the real ?

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Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank and the Nobel Peace prize.

In July of 1972, a young professor returned from the US to his native and newly independent Bangaladesh to be part of the building of a new Nation. He joined the Chttitagong University to teach Econmic theory. But in 1974 the great famine hit Bangladesh. Combined with the oil crisis of 1973 all economic structures started to collapse. Hundreds of thousands were dying. Prof Yunus saw no point in teaching antiquated western economic theories that had no relevance the reality around him. So he and his students started to tarvel to the nearby villagers to help. In that period he discovered people that were caught in the economic trap of moneylenders. Taking micro loans to barely survive, but could never pay off. And so became slaves to the money lenders for the rest of their lives. Prof Yunus and his students made a study of of the number of such families in the two villages next to their campus. They found 42. They calculated the total amount these families had borrowed.
The total sum was $27. For want of $27, forty two families were living below the poverty line in conditions of abject slavery. Muhammad Yunus gave the families $ 27 and freed them from a life long bondage to poverty. And the first seeds of the Grameen Bank were sown…

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Heath Ledger did not commit suicide

Heath is not amongst us, but is in our consciousness. Heath is no longer a physical embodiment, but exists eternally now. His laugh is not audible to my ears any more, but I can hear it in my heart. in my consciousness. And that is what I remember him most for. His laugh. Deep and felt. Like he knew God was laughing with him.
The world is more troubled by his death than I expected. Like a great soul has passed amongst us and we, caught up as we all are, in the the throes of everyday life, did not even recognize it when it was there !
But in that coming to terms with our loss, why do we sensationalize his death ? why are we looking for dramatic escapes away from just a deep acceptance that ancient souls always leave us young ?
Heath Ledger did not commit suicide. Period. He was the most extraordinarily courageous man I have ever known. …….

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Farewell, Heath ledger

In Heath I have lost a younger brother. He was one the most gentle, the most honest , most caring,and most compassionate persons I had met. And one of the most honest actors I worked with. I often told him that he had the ability to completely bare his soul in front of the camera, and all I needed to do was make sure the camera could look into his eyes, and through his eyes, the audience could clearly look into his soul. I last spoke to him the night before he died. I had just arrived in New York last night, he said he could not see me that night but really wanted to meet me the next day. he made me promise that I would call him in the morning and wake him up. I tried. Little did I know that his soul had already left his body.
Farewell Heath. I always knew you had an ancient soul. I always said you had a wisdom beyond your years. And somehow I always knew that your spirit was too restless. Goodbye, my brother.