Arthur C Clarke – Open Forum

I don't think I need to introduce the life and times of Arthur Clarke to anyone here. For those that have not read his books, he had written 2001 Space Oddessy, which for me is one of the best films ever made by Stanley Kubrick. It is such a terrific exploration into the mind and [...]

Is Earth Fluid or Solid ?

I just flew from Delhi to Los Angeles and observed the earth from above as I always do. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran into Europe, I look at the incredible landscapes and realize how beautiful our planet really is. I peer carefully to see if I can see remote civilizations - small settlements and try and guess [...]

only vibrations

only vibrations holding in their every pore all possibilities of all creation past and present and future and all of eternity only vibrations pulsating colliding with each other in ecstatic and eternal play the universe, nothing but the universe, laughing at itself

is nothing something ?

india times said I was on a spiritual search because of the turmoil of my personal life and post oscar success of golden age. Not true. I have been in turmoil since I was 10. In Delhi we used to sleep under the open skies on the terrace in summer. There was no light, sound [...]

do not fear me

do not fear me for i have nothing to take from you my vast emptiness has no room for all the wealth in the world be fearless and reveal yourself to me for what you hide and protect and enclose in your illusion, your individuality, is the thinnest skin of your real being for beyond [...]