India heading towards Civil War ?

Just as we were getting used to a rising stock market, Shopping Malls on every corner in our consumeristic cities, billions of dollars coming in from FRI's, all on the basis that we have such a young population - just as everyone (but the poor farmers) were celebrating and the headlines were screaming about India's [...]

Letter from Tblisi, Georgia

Anna is still in Tblisi and is yet uncertain about her future and if the war has really ended. She has sent another letter, exploring herself as the people of Tblisi still sit on the edge. Feeling...Indescribable I remember that day very well. I was the happiest person. It was cold, winter day and I [...]

Emotional living

eye spy asked : if you prefer to live you get conned by an individual who knows your pulse and plays the cards right and presses the right buttons ..... ? To live on an emotional plane is not the same as to live on an obsessive plane. One is about freedom and understanding, [...]