Aren’t nuclear tests outdated ?

In the giant Hadron Collider scientists are currently trying to replicate the Big Bang. New molecules are being designed and tested for the latest biodrugs on computers. Computer simulation models can predict almost any known sub atomic behaviiou now. And since an atomic explosion (for peaceful purposes) is way of containing a sub atomic implosion [...]

Garbage recycling in Mumbai : an appeal

Sanjeevani Bhelandi sent this in. It's a really important issue in Mumbai, which is fast turning into an untenable city falling apart at the seams. Pleas support FORCE if you can. Sanjeevani is a beautiful singer famous in her own right and you can visit her website at "Garbage is another grave urban issue [...]

Cluster bombs, lets support a ban on them

I recieved this request from to publish this message, with an appeal to people to help ban cluster bombs that are killing and maiming civilians especially children even long after they have been dropped. "If you haven't heard, Russia has been dropping cluster bombs on innocent civilians in the Georgian republic. Cluster bombs leave [...]