Aren’t nuclear tests outdated ?

In the giant Hadron Collider scientists are currently trying to replicate the Big Bang. New molecules are being designed and tested for the latest biodrugs on computers. Computer simulation models can predict almost any known sub atomic behaviiou now. And since an atomic explosion (for peaceful purposes) is way of containing a sub atomic implosion and then being able to redirect the energy from that implosion in a controlled way, why would we need to explode a nuclear device to create the technology ? Give a computer enough data and it will be able to predict the probabilities far more accurately than a crude activity like live nuclear blast, where the conditions can never be completely controlled. So why all this posturing on prohibiting Nuclear testing – the weapons of the future will in any case be developed as complex computer models.

Bihar floods : “I could not find my village”

This appeal was posted by Abhay :
Dear Shekharji
I have just returned from my home in Saharasa ( Bihar) and could not locate my village easily, forget about exact location of my house. Its just an array of diseases, hunger and depression prevailing in population.
Please do something for us. I know you are a big person. Our history might have been great but the fact today is that we are dying and help from outside is grossly missing. its just visible in roadside areas. I even don’t feel proud of being a part of India which could not give us a life free of floods in these 60 years of independence.

Bihar floods. Do we treat Bihar as a lost cause ?

The incredible tragedy in Bihar caused by the floods in the river Kosi raises several questions. Close to 3 million people have been displaced from their homes. Over a 100 are dead, but there is no way that figure can be established as much of the flood affected areas are cut off. While several people raised the spectre of global warming, why was there no warning and protection when engineers could see that the Kosi dam in Nepal was under structural pressure before it burst and caused the devastation ? If reports are to be believed, the warning was faxed to an office in Patna where the faxes accumalated as the person in charge was on leave and no one was in office!!!! Fax ? Whatever happened to the cell phone ?
A fundamental question too : why does the rest of India treat Bihar as a lost cause ? Wherever I go there is general lament about Bihari labour creating slums, forgetting that they were there for a purpose. To build our roads, our houses. Why have people got this attitude for a state that was once the greatest centre of learning in the whole world, at the nalanda Unversities. Famous Bihari’s include King Asoka, Chandra Gupt Maurya, Chanakya, Vatsayana, but also Dr rajendra Prasad, Karpoori Thakur, even our current hot favourite – Mahendra Singh Dhoni. And yet if you ask people about Bihar the first name that comes up is Laloo Prasad Yadav. Why not Buddha and Bodh Gaya ?

Worshipping the river Ganga and the Kumbh Mela

I received this message that I would love to share :
“We at the Jal Biradari and Tarun Bharat Sangh are organizing a very important Kumbh on 6th and 7th of September in an interior village called Khajura in the Tehsil of Sappotara in Karoli district, Rajasthan. For those water lovers who are fed up with seeing the polluting nature of normal Kumbhs, this Kumbh would be a refreshing and an unforgettable experience. Friends, we just want to make our people understand that the true meaning of Kumbh is not to destroy the rivers but to conserve them. We also want to show you how beautifully any river can be rejuvenated.
Let us understand, first of all how the tradition of gathering for Kumbh started. Once there was a king called Bagiratha who was a farmersí leader. Those farmers faced a severe water crisis then, which made him to take a pledge of bringing down the Ganga who had been dwelling on the mountains. Along with his 60000 farmers, he worked day in and day out to realize his dream. Finally, Ganga came down to the plains. The farmers on both the side of her started practicing agriculture; their homes became prosperous and their souls were liberated……..

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Garbage recycling in Mumbai : an appeal

Sanjeevani Bhelandi sent this in. It’s a really important issue in Mumbai, which is fast turning into an untenable city falling apart at the seams. Pleas support FORCE if you can. Sanjeevani is a beautiful singer famous in her own right and you can visit her website at
“Garbage is another grave urban issue strangely not being taken seriously. Mumbai garbage dumps are full. I know a remarkable lady Ms Poonam Huddar who runs an NGO called FORCE (forum for re-clycling communities and environment). She lives adjacent to the Deonar garbage dump and started this movement fed up of the daily stink. Garbage segregation is the only solution to this monsterous issue. Convert wet waste into manure through vermiculture and recycle dry one. FORCE encourages buildings to compost their wet garbage and gives employment to ragpickers. Garbage segregation at source also gives dignity to the lives of our rag pickers who otherwise have to rummage thru garbage for their livelihood. I personally put my kitchen waste like cucumber peels,methi,coriander stems etc into my pots and find my plants growing with so much vigour as they get fresh,free manure.there are no mosquitoes,no stink unlike what many people doubt. There is such poor awareness about this issue it is apalling. The open garbage bins on every corner of our roads are health hazards breeding infections,rats,mosquitoes.and in the rains clog drains. I admire the work of this simple middle class frail woman who works tirelessly to give us a cleaner Mumbai. Please lets all segregate garbage,put our kitchen veggies in our pots.we can grow our own tulsi,pudinah,kadhipatta,mirch(I do). Garbage is gold if seperated. Selling the dry waste generates income. Also rich manure is created thru composting. Dumping is not the correct way to disposing garbage. Burning causes pollution. Right way is to recycle thru segregation. Shekharji,your picture prompted me to spread word about this issue.

Can Obama deliver what he promised ? Only if the American people support his vision with passion and sacrifice

Sitting a thousand mles away in Mumbai I was fighting back my tears as I heard Obama speak at the acceptance of his nomination. And as the crowd cheered I wanted to get up and cheer myself at this new inspirational messiah that has come to the world. Boy ! can the world do with some leaders like Barrack Obama. A new Neslon Mandela. But can he deliver on his promise ? As he went on with his speech, I got concerned that perhaps he was promising too much, going beyond the realms of practicality. Was this going to be the same situation like Nelson Mandela, who moved not only his nation but the whole world with the New Way forward, only to find his dream faltering in South Africa as the country began to fall apart with the anger and resentment of unfulfilled expectations.
Obama can succeed. But his success will depend on the will and passion of the American people who support him. Not without the American people re-evaluating their own lives, rethinking their own expectations of being the richest and most consumptive society in the world, will Obama’s incredible vision succeed.
Obama’s vision will not succeed till the American people are willing to make the sacrifices that underly his vision. Gandhi had the impossible dream of a free India. He succeeded because he moved an entire nation to change the way they saw themselves and were willing to make the sacrifices he demanded of them.
The American people must do the same to recover the American Heritage that Obama spoke about. I hope and pray that he succeeds.

Cluster bombs, lets support a ban on them

I recieved this request from to publish this message, with an appeal to people to help ban cluster bombs that are killing and maiming civilians especially children even long after they have been dropped.
“If you haven’t heard, Russia has been dropping cluster bombs on innocent civilians in the Georgian republic. Cluster bombs leave behind unexploded mini-bombs which often detonate when curious children find them. Survivor Corps is one of the lead organizations in the movement to ban cluster bombs and to assist survivors of this terrible weapon. I’ve put together this social media news release which explains everything.
I would be grateful if you could blog about this very important subject, it would help many people. Please let me know if you are able to help and send me the link to your post. Thanks so much”
it also contains a really good youtube video called’ Clusterbombs : a weapon out of control’. It’s worth visiting and doing whatever we can about this. It’s quite frightening what is going on, so please do watch it.

‘Flow”: the Corporatization of our Planet’s fresh water resources : is the World Bank part of the conspiracy ?

For those of you that have not heard of Irena Salina, look out for her name. She has just made a terrifying, informative, well researched documentary on the future of fresh Water resources on our Planet. She shows how gradually all the main Water resources are being usurped by major water corporations all over the world, and how the World Bank is completely complicit. The documentary is called ‘Flow” and is about to be released at the Angelique in NY. Catch the trailer :

That is the fundamental premise to my feature Paani also. Experts world wide, who I might add, do NOT live in Water Stressed parts of the world, are imposing the argument that ” the only way to manage a dwindling resource is to get people to pay for it, so that they use it with care” Feels right in theory but what price to you do set on water ? , and whatever price you set, 85 % of the people will not be able to afford it. So we will get situations like what is already happening in these so called farm houses outside New Delhi. No farm house is complete without a swimming pool, while the adjoining farms are running dry for lack of water and the farmers are selling their lands as they cannot grow anything. For more farm houses. Houses that are thirstily sucking out the ground water for private swimming pools !
Water is the new global weapon of social and control and exploitation.

India heading towards Civil War ?

Just as we were getting used to a rising stock market, Shopping Malls on every corner in our consumeristic cities, billions of dollars coming in from FRI’s, all on the basis that we have such a young population – just as everyone (but the poor farmers) were celebrating and the headlines were screaming about India’s economic development – came the news that the a third of the world’s poorest people live in India ! And this is just when we were getting used to the idea that a third of worlds teenagers were living in India – so they are amongst the poorest in the world. What is the truth of India ? Are we really becoming two nations – and how long before there is intense conflict, ? Civil war ? Between the new lifestyles of billionaires and millionaires observed by those who live on the streets holding the little hands of their children that have not eaten for two days.

Are free and fair elections possible in a combined Kashmir, or anywhere in India ?

I am tired of the voices that talk about collective self determination of the people of the both the Indian side and the Pakistani side of Kashmr, without even once looking at the consequences of such an election. As usual we are addicted to key words that stop us form thinking beyond. As if democracy is the sweet mantra for all ills of society. Democracy in all of India is a corrupted, uncomfortable form, and we know that. And it is no different in Kashmir and worse in Pakistan.
If you announce an election today in a combined Kashmir, it is the surest way to a nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan as opposing forces in Pakistan, in India and within Kashmir jockey , threaten, kill and burn to ensure that the power structures comes to them.
Why are the liberal voices so bright, analytical and yet so naive ??? Or do they just choose to be impractical because they actually will never take responsibility for consequences ? Consider this …

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