Goodbye, my love

as she left her womb, thrust out by a violent birth i knew that she and I were destined for the most intimate of all relationships time stood still as I watched her inexorably sail towards me so she and I would join in one final embrace to complete an event born in eternity for [...]

Is India ready for change ?

Change in India is not going to happen by the resignation of the Home Minister. Nor by high profile dialogues in high profile news channels by high profile people. One of the reasons that India has not been able to change is it is still a feudal society where hundreds of millions of its citizens [...]

We, the People of India

Its time to stand up. Its time not for exasperation, but for action. Its time for Indians to stand up and not allow the Politicians and the politics of this country to hold the people of India to ransom any more. Just as our nation stood on the brink of being one of the world [...]