Ganga, The Girl Child

NImi is a partition baby in the truest sense. She was born in a train carrying refugees from Pakistan to India. Many did not make it. Nimi almost did not. Not because of the savagery of those times. But because of a savagery that exists even now. In abundance. Because Nimi was bundled up in [...]

Rahman and the Oscars

I am really happy for A R Rahman. He is a musical genius, and deserves everything he has got. In fact I gave him the title "Mozart of Madras" and it caught on. But does the West really get his art and his genius ? I remember getting into an argument with Andrew Lloyd Webber [...]

The Idiot box is so much more idiotic now

With the levels of soaps degrading everyday, news being turned into soap opera, and the complete inability to tell the difference between one reality soap and another, many people are nostalgic of the Doordarshan days when series such as Hum log, Udaan, Shyam Bebegal's Bharat Ek Khoj, Malgudi Days and Govind Nihilani's terrific adaptation of [...]