Looking for a hot bath ?

Completely jet lagged from my flight from NY, I thought perhaps that I would indulge in a hot bath in my hotel room in Powai (Mumbai),. And I felt really guilty doing so. I imagined the water lying in the bathtub and looked out of the window and saw a slum. I wondered how many [...]

Bad films justifies harrasment of young girls ?

Here is a comment by Brahmshastra, which I would like to open out for discussion. Bad films (with some good ones too) , and a level of moral corruption throughout every activity in India (including corporate India, Indian justice system, Indian administration system, Indian political system, Indian religious systems) does not justify harrassing young vulnerable [...]

dancing with Shiva

the impossible dance of chaos finding the steps to follow a pattern where there is none seeking harmony without letting go of linearity ? being with shiva with out sensing timelessness? allowing myself to be swept into the chaos of the dance not resisting not thinking not trying like a helpless child in the wave [...]

Moral Police ? No, just hooliganism

Why is the Media giving so much weight to what really are young hooligans taking out their frustrations on vulnerable people. They are doing it simply because they can, taking safety in numbers. Acts of cowardice really. But one of the so called 'vulnerable people' will turn out not to be vulnerable, and some one [...]


i ran from the noise looking for silence and in my solitude i heard a single scream that came from inside my head i was the one yelling the loudest trying to be heard above everyone else like a child screaming for attention in a world where a billion voices were doing the same

End of Face book

If you have not seen this already, its' worth a read : By Steve Tuttle | Newsweek I was a late convert to Facebook, the social-networking site that turned five years old Wednesday. I joined about a year ago at age 47, swept up in the massive wave of people turning the corner to the [...]