Rubina from slumdog millionaire for sale ? what if the amount offerred was 10 million pounds ? Would the western world react differently ?

anotherkiranfromnyc made a very good point :".....Even under very normal circumstances, would you condone and turn a blind eye to child selling under any circumstances? Would you really? Being poor does not excuse her family for human trafficing..." But the father DID NOT search for a buyer for his child. He did not try and [...]

God’s country

Just leaving Innsbruck for Singapore. Kept my windows and balcony doors open so I may breathe the fresh mountain air all night, and stayed awake listening to the gentle patter of rain. As the light broke over the mountains that I can see from my balcony, I saw fresh snow powdered over the trees on [...]

Hungry Hearts again

Sohaila's musical play Mahim Junction that opened to rave reviews in Edinburgh, Singapore and in Delhi comes back on popular demand at the Epicentre in Gurgaon this weekend (18th and 19th) and then at Islamic Centre at Lodhi Road on the 1st of May. Those that missed should catch it if they are able to. [...]

Passion and Attachment

Ray asked "I get conflicted about whether to live life with passion or dispassion? Attachment, passion and egoism aren't they impurities of the mind? I get further confused when the above comes from you. " I never want to take on the mantle of someone that imparts knowledge, Ray, but as a fellow searcher let [...]