I love Sachin Tendulkar

I love cricket - and the focus, dedication, joy and sheer artistry Sachin has brought to the game is so rare in any sport. Not just in cricket. And I love him for being him. And now I admire him even more for the courage to say what he believes regardless of the consequences. I [...]

India going Green or Red ?

I was asked by NDTV to come on a show to argue with our Minister of Environment on the fact that the Himalayan glaciers are NOT receding. I wonder if he has been there ? This is not about statistics, dear minister, ask the local people. Statistics can be manipulated, as we all know. Just [...]

The song, not the singer

Thank you HSK for reminding me "A simple lesson: problems arise when artist becomes bigger than the art" Yes, absolutely words that dissolve the speaker or colors that overwhelm the artist films, where the director is merely the gardener tending to the process, and praying for rain and sunshine and watching the film grow organically [...]

TED conference

I am at the TED conference, at the huge Infosys campus in Mysore. There are some incredible speakers here and the conference has been of great value. TED needs to be applauded for what it is doing. Every speaker I heard had something to say and life experience, information and wisdom to share. It has [...]