Is Wisdom eternal ?

For me no, it's a daily battle. One cannot assume one has it and stay with it. The battle between the Ego and compassion is an ongoing, almost daily one. For there is no better way to describe Wisdom but the ability to live, exist and act in a compassionate way. That was my thought [...]

Water : It’s the new Power

Watch this video , and guess what the story of Paani is ? The last statement in the video is a hint. It's not the money - it's the Power. That's where we are heading - a world where Water is power - and Power corrupts. Of course.


raging mixed feelings, giving in to the schizophrenia of the contradictions of existence, of reality, desire, fulfilment and non fulfillment, of confusion, desperation, and joy, give into all intellectual and emotional sensation and then try like hell not to drown those desperate strokes of survival sometimes - and then only sometimes have a pattern which, [...]


These are times for new beginnings. Beginnings are not events that can be taken for granted. They are offerings to us for our past Karma's and we are then held responsible to seize the offering, nurture it, worship it, and see in them immensity that we are, not letting the petty ups and downs blind [...]