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Deepak Ravindra asked why I do not write more about Virgin Comics of which I am a co founder, so I am posting his following comment as a blog entry. Though I am a co founder, a huge part of the kudos are deserved by the team, the very young team, of artists in Bangalore led by Suresh Seetharaman, and by the creative leadership of Gotham Chopra and Sharad Deverajan in the US. Go to But thank you Deepak in any case for the following :
“Let me tell you this, I am a huge movie buff and comic art buff.Like any average Indian babyboomer (post Independance 🙂 I grew up on Amar Chitra Katha (ACK).Anant Pai single handedly defined fantasy and mythology for the Indian mindset. As a child up I lost those comics to other friends only to doggedly start collecting them again now.
Your work with Deepak Chopra in adapting Indian mythology to an International audience is simply up there,outright visionary.I have recently finished savouring ‘Devi’,’Shiva’,’Sadhu’,and am eagerly waiting for ‘Ramayan’ to arrive.I wanted to tell you what I loved most about the comics
– The Art work , simply stupendous.Its simply beautiful how you guys have managed to keep it strikingly Indian while giving the characters a western fantasy wrap.The art work is so intricate with personality,you love to go back to it purely to enjoy the art itself.
– The content is surely top notch.You carry an immense responsibility while handling Indian mythology.Its not written by one author who can place a ‘fiction disclaimer’,but is part of tradition,culture and ethos of world’s oldest civilization.Utmost sensitivity while keeping it relevant and interesting is required – and again the team’s done such an incredible job….