Elizabeth and Paul

To my 11 year old daughter, Kaveri You left for India last night leaving me in NYC.  Really missing your  laughter. Luckily I have friends here, with whom I will spend emotional time . Not defined as just being 'truthful' or honest, but going beyond that. Becoming vulnerable.  Vulnerability is the essence of a real [...]

Beautiful letter …

from Uric Hubert Rainard to me , yes, but to the community we have created around this blog.  I cannot say my blog, because if your do not read, I do not write. That is the true sense of the new way of Media, the end of Iconism as we know it, but the beginning [...]


from Eshla When I was younger, in my teens, a friend of mine gave me a letter one holiday season. We were each assigned a secret Santa, someone who’d surprise us with a gift and a little holiday note on the last day of school before Christmas break. One of my dear friends happened to [...]