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Shia Lebouf, Julie christie, John Hurt in New York I love you

So I finished filming my episode and have delivered the first rough cut. When I arrived in New York just a few days before the shoot, we had no cast. But as we went through the lists almost as if by some act of destiny or magic my first choices were not only available, but also willing to fly from all over the world to come and shoot with me these two days. I think this was as much out of incredible respect for Anthony Minghella’s last script as much as it was for working with me. I do ot need t say anything about the talents of actors like John Hurt and Julie Christie. They are a pleasure to work with and have consistently performed outstandingly over the years. With John Hurt it was a double pleasure as we became incredibly good friends when we were both n the jury of the Marrakech Film Festival. But the surprise was Shia Lebouf…


j krishnamurti

my cousin sent me this birthday greeting that I want to share :
“as j.krishnamurti says ‘the roots of heaven are in living and dying’ so birthdays are important as a reference point of the great illusion of time.

Birthday/Marrakech film festival/Milos Foreman

Just wanted to thank everyone that have posted birthday wishes to me on this blog, on my e mail and via text. I spent my birthday on a flight to London, on my way to Marrakech. Where I am on the jury of the film festival. The chairman of Jury is Milos Foreman, who has made some of my all time favourite films…..


A time to listen

Where do u pick up a lost conversation ? Have not blogged for so long. So much to talk about. So much adventure. So much to share. Don’t know where to start. Maybe someone else should start ? Maybe it is time for me to listen. shekhar

Ballroom Dancing in Beijing

So you thought China was alll about economic growth ? Early every morning at the beautiful gardens at the Temple of Heaven, these people come to learn and practice ballroom dancing. The wonderful thing is there are actually no class distinctions. One a retired fashion designer, one an ex- factory worker, one an internet entreprenuer, a bus driver too. One thing brings them together. The love of ballroom dancing.

The Blog, or the end of all Institutional Power, and the rise of true democracy. Your voice is finally more important than your vote !!

Freedom of speech ? Freedom of expression ?
What lies. What an absolute load of bollocks.