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past, present, future

let go of the past
to set the future free
and leave the now
to evaporate
from my friend the astrophysicist


to the the gates
of absolute chaos
did He prostrate himself
before He passed through
in the search for harmony

The creative process

When asked by a studio head once how I would direct the film, I said, well ….. Ummmm ….. I would put some film in the camera ….. And umm …. I would find a nice place to put the camera and umm ….. Needless to say I did not get the job, nor would I work with anyone that asked me that question…..


Destiny and Karma

The problem with exploring ideas of us being subject to the laws of karma and to a predetermined Destiny is that our minds always veer towards the ‘given’. Towards the absolute.  That we are all subject to the laws of Karam and to Destiny that somehow were formed in the past.

But our Karma is an ever evolving process, with each thought, each breath, each action,each intersect with the Universal Matrix of Karma’s subtly altering our karma. Like the constant flow of a river.

… and if Karma and Destiny are related, every thought, every breath, every intersect is constantly evolving our Destiny too. Making Destiny not an absolute that is given, but something that subtly alters every moment.

So Destiny is always a ‘Potential’. Never a given. A ‘tendency’ if you like, that can be altered, even dramatically, if you want. How ?
Passion. Great and all consuming Passion is the great ‘alterer’ of Destiny. Passion in Work, in Love, or just a sheer passion for life can substantially alter your Destiny,


Open thread. Life and Death

Logic asks us to interpret everything in terms of a beginings and an ends. Since we interpret everything around us in terms of absolute existence in time and in space, we naturally assume beginings and ends. Yet quantum physics and the great spiritualists encourage us look at everything in terms of potential existence rather than absolute existence. The most abiding human emotions like faith and love are not based on beginigs and ends, but on concepts of eternity.
So here his the question. If there was no begining, how could there be an end ? If we were never born, how can we die ?


can we find sense,
in a realm beyond sense ?

Open Thread : what is the Ego ?

The ego can be defined in many ways, both positive and negative. In a spiritual way it is negative, but it is also my ego that pushes me into the spiritual path to try and destroy it. It is the creative ego that provokes an artist to create art, yet the whole creative process then is to try and sublimate that ego into art. Ego seems such a double edged sword. Even when you first fall in love, it is your ego that provked you to either say or not say ‘I loveyou”. Even the love for one’s own country is the ego sublimated to the honour of the nation. Or is it ? What is the EGO ? Lets hear form everyone and have a healthy constructive debate. Shekhar

Time to let go

when your soul
is telling you
it is time to
to soar
to the freedom
you were born with,


The Creative act Paul Coehlo 2

Mr Coehlo and I were looking at creativity from different points of view. I have a fairly spiritualistic view of creativity – which defines creativity as moments of harmony with a Universe that is at constant creative play or Leela. And Mr Coehlo probably did not see this notion of ” a creative moment that has passed before it can be expressed in a structured way” , as relavent to our discussion….


Paul Coehlo and the creative act

Some time ago I was on the same panel as Paul Coehlo (The Alchemist) on this very question. What is a creative act ? We disagreed. Paul thought that merely being creative does not imply a creative act. He interpreted the creative act as ‘creative work’. All creativity must be translated into creative work. Is that right ?