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Between nothing and everything

The great Indian teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj once said, “Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows.” “I am nothing” does not mean that there is a bleak wasteland within. It does mean that with awareness we open to a clear, unimpeded space, without center or periphery–nothing separate. If we are nothing, there is nothing at all to serve as a barrier to our boundless expression of love. Being nothing in this way, we are also, inevitably, everything. “Everything” does not mean self-aggrandizement, but a decisive recognition of interconnection; we are not separate. Both the clear, open space of “nothing” and the interconnectedness of “everything” awaken us to our true nature. This is the truth we contact when we meditate, a sense of unity beyond suffering. It is always present; we merely need to be able to access it.
Thank you, Himanshu for this extract in your post. I took the liberty of blogging it. It was exactly what I was leading to in my previous blog on ‘Love is”, shekhar

Mythology or Psychology ?

where lies my true self ?
am I a creature of my psychology
or does my deepest self lie
in the burning fires
of my mythology ?
so bold and so gripping
that every feeling, every act
lies in the imagined stories
of God’s and Goddesses
of demons and of angels
of the impossible dance of shiva
of the the cruxifiction of christ
of the contradictions between the eternity of the universe
where everything is and is not
all at the same time
of the questions between illusory and the real ?



to tumne kabhi hawa se poocha ?
tu kahan se ayee,
aur kahan gayee ?
kyon aiee
aur kyon gayee ?

Is Time really running out ?

If ages could be divided into the Age of Reason, the Age of Contemplation, the Age of Action, then surely we are living in the Age of Hurry. We all act as if we are about to miss the train, forever chasing that elusive concept called Time. Somehow believing there is an absolute and exclusive connection between what we DO and that which gets DONE. Not realizing that in our zeal to Do and anxiousness not to miss that elusive train, we are often blocking and standing in the way of that which we want Done. We replace the positivity of passion and action by the FEAR of not achieving. The Universe is then reacting more to our fear.
So one of my New Year resolutions is not to chase that elusive event of the future, as much as to act with passion and belief in THIS moment. And I wish you all a fearless year.

great new year

I hope all of you have a great new year, where the mind and soul feels fresh like a child’s. Unburdened by past memories, but enriched by the wisdom of experiences of the year(s) gone by. Where each dawn is like a new birth, each touch unlike one before, each sunset a moment of deep contemplation and prayer. I wish you all the immense adventure of life. I wish you all everything the ‘leela’ and ‘maya’ of life can offer. I wish you all the the joys of humility and gifts of love. Shekhar

New Year Resolutions

ideas ?


The joy of life also lies in forgetting what was,
and then rediscovering it…
I heard the birds sing again this morning,
every morning….

Buddhist Prayer flags

If you scroll down on the right, under the last of the ‘Most popular’ is the Category ‘Zen Thoughts’……I love the philosophy of the Buddhist Prayer flag. Tie up a little coloured flag to a string, and every time it flutters in the wind, it says a prayer for you. And for everything. Whenever I go to Ladakh, I see thousands of the beautiful fluttering flags, all forever saying prayers. And some time ago I posted a blog titled ‘Did we say a Prayer today ?”, talking about how science is discovering, as we are, the power of Prayer…. and since then Cinda has been posting a prayer everyday……… and I thought, if we all posted a prayer whenever we felt like it, and just because we felt like it, the prayer would be out there on the net, and every time anyone clicked on that Blog, it would be like the wind fluttered the prayer.

Crossroads of Freedom

where lies the identity
of this realm called freedom ?
which way do I point myself
where are the signpost
and which path do I take
and not look back with regret ?


A trail of ‘maybe’s”

I look back at the day and I see behind me a trail of ‘maybe’s. I look back at the year and i see a huge wake of ‘maybe’s. Indecisive ? A serious lack of commitment ? Negotiating space ? Or just looking for the potential and the possibility of the future evolving and emerging itself. Beyond my control. Yet I try and reform. I try and see life in the form of absolute yes and absolute no. I lie when I do that, but do try. And when I do that guess the answer from other people is ? Maybe.