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A stray thought

when was the last time a lion asked of another
so what’s he doing these days ?
doing what lions do I guess
being a lion
so what r u doing these days, shekhar ?
doing what human beings do I guess
being human
and destroying the planet
by flying to new york
and taking taxi cabs
for in the scheme of things
does an ant see itself as an individual
with an individual consciousness ?
or a collective ?
and as I walk the streets
everyone trying as hard as they are
myself included
to express their individuality
to know they exist
conflicted as we are
by our need to be a part
and apart both
from the collective
do ants need to do the same thing ?
whats going on in their mind
or wherever their consciousness
or their imagination exists ?
do they merely see, imagine
only the collective
or like us
the collective
through the individual
and do we even enter
their consciousness
except as creatures
that trundle around
without purpose
between starbucks
and the little cafe’
for a cup of coffee
and looking down
from a galaxy far far away
at this tiny speck of dust
called earth
an ant
a human
one crushed
beneath the others feet
has no significance
other than
the breathing of the universe
between creation and destruction

waving to myself

i sat in the speeding train
and watched the platform go by
and fleetingly saw myself
watching the train flash by
waving to myself

water or stone ?

embrace your weakness
with humility
and flow
like water
not like stone
or a rock
that stands
in the false firmness
of it’s resolve
and ego

how unloved do you feel ?

“nobody loves me
and, least of all
are we so unloved by ourselves, that we do not consider ourselves worthy of others love ? So unloved by ourselves that we deflect and are suspicious of any hand that extends love ? And then hate, which is only a construct of a great feeling of self loathing.
And why did I have to write so much more, to explain the universality of the few words that I wrote first ?

Emptiness : what Osho said

“There are only two types of people in the world: those who try to stuff their inner emptiness, and those very rare precious beings who try to see the inner emptiness.
Those who try to stuff it remain empty, frustrated. They go on collecting garbage, their whole life is futile and fruitless.
Only the other kind, the very precious people who try to look into their inner emptiness without any desire to stuff it, become meditators.”
Thank u Nyayprem for sending this to me, and Buddha did not attain enlightenment without years of (and some would say many lifetimes) agonizing and often fruitless battles with his mind. Starvation, denial, extreme yoga all failed, till he just sat and battled the demons thrown at him from his own mind.
Mind, Mara, Devil.

What does it mean to be Hindu ?

…So what is Hinduism not ? It is not centralized, it not an organization, it is not political. It can never be. For every time there has been an attempt to organize Hinduism as a political force, it becomes by nature a finite structured force that bears no relationship to the idea for a search for the infinite.
So to those people that ask why we cannot declare India a Hindu state I ask them to understand and trace back to what a Hindu state is ? And they will soon realize they are looking for an identity. And the very basis of Hinduism negates the idea of identity. For it is a search for ourselves beyond that which is called ‘Identity’.

Which begs the question, why we cannot accept our identity as just Indian ?

Emotional living

eye spy asked : if you prefer to live emotionally…… you get conned by an individual who knows your pulse and plays the cards right and presses the right buttons ….. ?
To live on an emotional plane is not the same as to live on an obsessive plane. One is about freedom and understanding, compassion and encompassing. Not to be confused with singular desire, ownership or emotional needs. For these are expressions of one’s own insecurities that get mistakenly expressed as love. If you desire to posses, then of course you are asking to be hurt and conned. Emotions that are a mere reflections of your own negativity. So why blame others for it ?

The unified theory of everything, faith and emotion

There will never be a scientific unified theory of everything. Simply because the mind consistently looks to define while the universe exists on infinite layers of existence. Which are both true and not true at the same mpment. How can something be true and not true at the same time ? But then we have always lived with that dichotomy. We learn to evaluate space and objects through measurements in the three dimensions. We learn to perceive distance, which we can measure. Even unamiganibly large distances in terms of ‘light years’. We learn and are adhered to the linearity of ‘time’. Time is running out is something we always say.
Yet we live in a universe that cannot be be measured. It is infinite. We learn to ‘fix’ the beginning of time from different contexts. For science it was the Big Bang, for Religion it was – for example – ‘and God said ‘let there be light;. But essentially we cannot imagine the end or the beginning of time simply because there is none. We cannot measure or imagine the end of the Universe simply there is none. Our concepts of measurement exist only as contexts between two measurable points. Take one away then there is no context and therefore no ability to measure.


From Himanshu : Its 7pm The world of Imagination Can we be at multiple places?

Its 7pm on a beautiful autumn evening on the banks of the Ganges river in the holy town of Hardwar in North India. The melodious bells, the priests, the fire, the chants, and the devotion of the people give the ceremony a feel of divinity, as if it were something dictated by God for human bliss. The atmosphere is full of devotion and the huge masses look upto the river to bless them and wash away their sins. Its 7pm, and the same river has become an extremely huge mass of water flowing slowly through the Sundarban deltas. Its raining heavily in the monsoons and the millions of drops of water create uncountable ripples throughout the huge river at twilight. It is impossible to see one shore from the other, and the thunder and lightning create a rather shocking scene of the power of nature. Far away from the mesmerized crowd, a lonely soul in the middle of the massive river slowly steers his small round wooden boat towards the shore. He can hardly see anything and he keeps trying to move a little bit at a time, lingering on to hope. He cries and his few drops are lost amongst the zillions. He just hopes there was no rain. Its 4:30pm in the middle of the desert, not a drop of water in sight, the scorching heat enough to make anyone dizzy. Dubai is being made into a miracle city in the middle of the desert…..


Daddy, we are all God’s dream

So as usual my 7 (almost 8, but try telling her that) year old daughter came up with this simple answer to complex questions.