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Is Web Video a threat to TV

Fear seems to be the key that drives large corporate structures that just cannot handle the democratization of media and entertainment. The great argument the goes on “is there a business model for the new media sites like video blogs and social networking” ? There is a prime fallacy in this argument that is just so”old media’ that it stinks. Which is, that the only reason people would want to communicate, or spend time and resources in trying to communicate and get attention, is because they want to make money. Here is a conversation on the Wall Street Journal that is a really good read on this topic, and I would recomend it :

Australians and I

Landed in Sydney today. Here to promote Golden Age and to make a keynote presentation at the upcoming Digital World event in Melbourne for the XMedia Labs. I seem to be getting a lot of attention in Australia. Probably because I have worked with so many Australians in the few films I have made in the West. Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish. My editor in both Elizabeth and in Golden Age is Jill Bilcock, another Aussie, as was David Hircshfelder, the composer for Elizabeth. What is it about me and Australians ? Is it just because we were all once colonized ? Though I have to say that Australia still seems to celebrate it’s Colonial past ! While we in India see it much more as a sad part of our history.


Ageing America

By 2050, an estimated 25 million people in the US will be over the age of 85, and expecting to live to a 100 at least. Will the US embrace these seniors as a source of wisdom or as a burden ? I guess it depends on their wealth….


the IIT conference

I was part of a series of forums at the IIT Alumni 2007 Global conference in the ‘Silicon Valley”. I am amazed at what the IIT Alumni has achieved and their incredible influence on the world and in India. I am proud and thankful to Jawahar Lal Nehru for his incredible foresight when he created these institutions. Meanwhile if anyone would like to post a comment on the conference, please do so under this blog.

London Explosive Device

Just landed in London from Malaysia and the news media is full of the ‘potentially explosive device’ found near Piccadilly Circus. The Londoners are faced with the inconvenience of traffic jams and how to get to work. Cant help thinking of how the people in Baghdad and in Beruit survive much much worse. Are the major Western cities going to be more dangerous to live in ? Can you be involved in a War and keep absolute peace at home ? Shekhar

Pursuit of Happiness – Open Forum

Is excessive/compulsive consumerist behavior an attempt to compensate for the loss of a simple community life, where our basic social patterns were defined by simple rules. Where relationships had time to be more meaningful and where we had a greater, more mythic relationship with nature and the Earth. Is this loneliness driving us to compensate for the lack of meaningful relationships through extreme materialistic expression ?


The spiraling dollar

Those of us that get paid in dollars but live in the most expensive city in the world watch in dismay as the dollar continues to spiral downwards. There must be a floor after which the dollar will begin to rise ? After all the US economy is still one of the most robust in the world, despite the huge trade deficit. And for those that think that the explosive growth in China is eclipsing the value of the $ forget that the relationship between China and the US is akin to a big bank and it’s largest borrower. One cannot fall without taking the other down…..


Wifi and depression – Open forum

A writer friend of mine was suddenly attacked by depression, and she traced it back to the time that she installed Wifi in her home/office. It may just be a combination of writer’s block and all the news about the health dangers of Wifi. But most of us now work in WiFi enviorments, our homes are wifi connected, and just look at your wifi reader on ur laptop and see how many other Wifi transmitters are leaking into your household. Now that whole cites are going to be Wifi or Wimax connected, how serious is the threat to our health ?

A symbol of real courage

19 year old Jessica Lynch’s oddessy did not begin when her armored vehicle was blown up by a bomb. She survived and her gun jammed without being able to fire a single shot. Injured, she was captured by the Iraq’s and taken to hospital, where she was treated kindly and the Iraqi’s actually tried to get her back to the US forces ! But finally she was ‘rescued’ by the US forces and taken back to the US. And then her oddessy really began ….


Virginia tech Killings

Cho Seung-Hui, who killed 32 people on Campus, was apparently lonely, desperately looking for his individuality, burdened by anger against a society that he saw as antagonistic. Needed desperately to be noticed. To be touched. Living in a fantasy world in which his final act would be the supreme statement of his own existence. If this young man was in Iraq or Palestine, he would have been a suicide bomber and labeled simply as a Muslim terrorist. So while the world tries to understand why young Cho would commit such a tragic last act, I would ask the world to look at the young suicide bomber with the same analysis.