Deepak chopra’s vision of the future

"My prediction is that we will see ourselves more and more connected to the quantum field, not physically but through the mind. This "mind field" is invisible and universal; it encompasses all living things; it weaves the fabric of nature. As our prejudice in favor of solid, concrete things fades away, certain fringe phenomena will [...]

May the force be with you..

I apologise for the absence from my website, I am now in london in what is called prep for my next film, Golden Age.. Prep means pre-production. It's what we do so that a film moves smoothly when u are shooting it. Theoretically. But I am a very organic film maker and believe that I [...]

Oscar Hoo Haaa >>

So much Hoo Ha about India's entry to the Oscar's. Do you really care about the Oscars ? Would you be prouder of Indian Cinema if an Indian Film won the Best Foreign Language film Oscar ? Only if you thought that the Oscar Committee, or whoever judges the films knew more about Cinema than [...]

In Iraq, it’s already too late …

While we argue about Cindy Sheehan's campaign and President Bush's political future. While the world argues the legality of the War and the real meaning of terrorism, or genocide etc., lets understand that for most Iraqi's it's already too late. For another complete generation, it's all over. Here is a letter to Cindy Sheehan I [...]

The Heart of Terrorism

Terrorism of any kind is inexcusable. But since it is a fact of modern life, the only way to combat it is to understand the heart of the terrorist. This is not the first time an aeroplane has been used as a suicidal weapon. Japenese Kamikazie pilots were well known in the 2nd World War. [...]

The end of Hollywood

Vijay Bal's blog on the 'State of Hollywood' provoked me to look into the very near future where, when SPIDERMAN takes his mask off, he will either be Chinese or Indian. Where Spiderman will swing not in New York, but in Shanghai or in Mumbai. And the film will be funded and produced in Asia. [...]

Of Human Dignity

The descent into anarchy in New Orleans may have many reasons. But events like those make me wonder whether civilization exists only on the surface, for all it took was 3 days for a people to spiral back to tribalism. And yet, the people you see in this photograph are defiantly celebrating life and community [...]