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i said

i said
you said
we all said

the same thing
we said

and then
i said
you said
we all said

and then again..

we just said
what we just said

whispered into the wind

whispered into the wind
every unspoken word
of love
that my own ears
yearn to catch

every moment
that floats
that i yearn to hold
to memorize
to imprint
so I do not forget

can i not hold
even one fleeting moment
inside ?
so that when sleep escapes
into the storm of night
i don’t have to yearn
to search
in sheer panic

for that
which I cannot see
cannot hear
cannot touch

but that
which surrounds me


teasing me with your presence
brushing past me
like the breath of an angel
and then flying away with that smile
the receding promise of coming back
like the gentle lapping wave
touching my toes and then flowing away
you stare into my eyes with teasing smile
the promise of the embrace that you keep away

I ask you why I must let my thoughts wander
I ask you why I must explore the depths of where
it is meaningless to go
what do you want of me
what must I do to comfort you
so your gentle hands stroke my face
as i move into your embrace
without you shying away
like a newly wed bride

the cycle


and joy, burtsing out

like a river dammed in by pain

finally released in exhilaration

into gentle calmness

still, but


to feel that exhilaration again

by bursting out

from pain,

am I doomed

to the cycle of

exhilaration and pain ?

while listening to

the dronings of wise men

about peace

they themselves know

nothing about ?

just am


without questions

about existence

accepting that I

just am

but now

i learn every moment

who i am not

before i know

who i am

and then, simply

that i am not,

we die

as we are born

The light of love

let the light of love
shine through
even when
the darkness
of familiarity
begins to cast it’s shadows


I conceive myself
in my imagination
and then
lose myself
in my own conception

like the drop

like the drop
lost in the ocean
searching for the Ocean
like the wave
imagining itself separate
from it’s own immensity
before collapsing back into it
we are divine beings
existing in divinity
and yet searching of it
we are the created
and the creator both,
existing in the vast play
of creativity

Did you hear a whisper ?

Did you hear the whisper
that floated by
that you thought
was your mind
playing games
as usual ?
as you were
by the noise
inside your head
did you hear the whisper ?
that you tried to catch
but wafted away
even before you could listen ?
did you hear the whisper
like a gentle song
in a distant land
trying to come through
in the roaring traffic
of everyday existence
did you hear the whisper ?

dancing with Shiva

the impossible dance
of chaos
finding the steps
to follow a pattern
where there is none
seeking harmony
without letting go
of linearity ?
being with shiva
with out
sensing timelessness?
allowing myself
to be
swept into
the chaos
of the dance
not resisting
not thinking
not trying
like a helpless child
in the wave of
a raging storm
of it’s mother’s milk
but not afraid
ad then the breathing
the breath of Shiva
like a cool balm
washing away all the senses
and then silence
beyond the dancing
there is not dance
but stillness
just a gentle cry
from the baby’s last
sense of wonder
then …
the letting go
of the last breath
that mingles
with an everlasting
universal sigh
as the breath leaves me
and my body ceases to exist
as do i
lost beyond the dance
beyond the breath
beyond perception
beyond wisdom
for no reason