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Ocean of Imagination

In this infinite ocean

of imagination

within which exist

infinite ripples

of imagination


Each ripple colliding with another

creating infinite ripples

of imagination


Ceaseless, eternal


no one ripple imagining the whole

yet forever and constantly

changing the whole


Out of this imagination

matter forms

out of this imagination

matter is destroyed


The big bang

just one more ripple,

The black hole just a ripple

colliding with another


And so God said

Let their be light

And there was light ….

The two of me

i am jealous
and greedy
and angry
and I hurt

i love
and i hate
i mean well
but manipulate

i am confused
and riddled with doubt

of course i am
i am after all
only human

and yet

i long
i yearn
i aspire
to be compassionate
to be creative
to be whole
to be infinite

i am spiritual too
i am two
but one must live
with the other
with compassion
with forgiveness
till i am
only one
but till then
I must learn
to be two

i am after all
only human

We speak of Darkness

We speak of darkness

as we speak of light

we speak of darkness

as if it arises

and radiates

like light,


as cold is the mere

absence of warmth

dark is the mere

absence of light

and in creating

walls of prejudice

roofs of fear

windows of hate

doors of ignorance

we breed the idea

that darkness

has a protective glow

of its own

not realizing

it is merely feeding off

the maggots of our own


a leaf

be vulnerable

so vulnerable

that the pain of

a falling leaf

reaches out, and ..

moves you to tears

be aware

be so aware

that the sound of the first flap

of  new born butterfly’s wings

fills your heart with joy

a love story

let me tell you a story

a story that never ends ..

let me tell you a story

a story that never began

let me tell you a story

that was there when God found himself

and will still be there when God

forgets who he is

let me tell you a story

a story of love

let the memory of love pass..

responding with grief

to moments of joy

shared with loved ones

that are suddenly

no longer with us,

is memory so fickle

that it turns from love and joy

in an instant to grief ?

the purity that lay in that moment

altered and prejudiced forever

by ever changing forms

of memory

by fear of emptiness

by fear of loss.

hoping the tears

will wash away

those fears,

leaving behind

just purity

of love

unfettered by loss,


the mystery of death

being no greater than

that of birth

like two eternal lovers


one has no existence

without  the other,

but birth

brings no memory

no carbuncles on its hull

but only wonder,

and death

leaves a lifetime of memories

of associations

of fear

of loss,

let the memories

be dissolved

in my tears

leaving an



of love

like birth

when did u leave ?

the wrenching away

of your hand


pushing away

from my embrace, the

scream that rose from deep within


ugliness of words


for conviction, the

slamming of the door

an illusion

of permanence

your image through the window

like a shadow

a half self

the other half






my heart

when did you

ever leave ?


searching for imprints

that i left

when I was with you

the imprint

that I am now


as is yours

matching imprints

of moments

of memories


matching waves in an ocean

from one moment

to the next

we together

the ocean


the waves

I am that

I am
nothing more
but nothing less

I am not
who you think I am
I am not
who I think I am

I am
all that is
and all that is not

I am
neither defined
nor definable
neither finite
nor infinite

I am

that was never born
or ever died

I am
that has no word
to describe

that I am

I just


the mind

the mind asks
and the mind answers
the mind dreams
and the mind doubts

we wait for the dawn
so the battle can begin
once again, thrown
into action