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Was Elizabeth a Virgin ? Guest column by Sugabone

The Question was Elizabeth A Virgin?

Or was Elizabeth “the illegitimate heretical whore” that is a great question. Her reign as Queen will always be remembered and not because she lived until nearly 100 but she walked in the ranks of males. Took her fathers position with great honor after suppression and illegitimacy and was named the Virgin Queen, unmarried. However, was she really alone or did she have her loves ripped away and womanhood censored.

Shekhar Kapur creates Cate Blanchett into this mythological Queen whom suitors loved but could not possess. After watching this rendition we know Elizabeth was loathed, loved and protected becoming the heir to the throne while advised to dissipate men immediately regardless of their love for her. Her power and ruling could not allow her to submit to emotion.

Kapur dresses her beautifully garnishes her hair sometimes draping down her back and then cutting it for a symbolic transfigure while slaughtering men literally, figuratively and metaphorically. A grand interpretation as men pray to touch the divine and Elizabeth becomes greater than Jesus. A wonderful, skin crawling interpretation that will chill a woman and thrill any man out of his penile erection as we witness the essence of Elizabeths beauty and enigma.

This movie is an amazing mythological depiction to watch Elizabeth submit to male energy and rule while remaining a virgin? One thing for sure it is film at its best. We travel into the Elizabethan Era and witness a queen who impacts us today and we wonder was Elizabeth a virgin or just a whore that ruled?


Hollywood vs Bollywood ?

I took part in the NDTV debate and realized we were not talking about the same things. The medium and the technology may be the same, but the culture, both of viewing and of creating are completely different. Our films satisfy a completely different need from our audiences, Over the last 50 years they have developed into a completely different culture than the West. It had become fashionable to compare the two and also fashionable to revile Indian Cinema in the context of the west .. till ..


The return of Mr India ! Mogambo’s search finally ends

For the fans of Mr India here is some terrific news. Mogambo’s search for the formula for invisibility s finally a scientific fact. A research team at the Nanotechnology centre of Purdue University, has created a design that could render people or objects invisible by placing an optical `cloak’ around them. Read on at :

Masoom and Naseeruddin Shah

I have so may questions from people that remember Masoom. It was my first film and get surprised that people remember it so much. I must start blogging about my experiences from it. I picked up though, the following extract from a recent interview with Naseeruddin Shah which evoked old memories of old times, old friends ….


where, why, what, whom ?

feeling anxious,
am flying to LA tonight,
always anxious when I go there