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love and abandon

to love selflessly
is an act of true courage
to love with complete abandon
is to know God

looking for love

to find love,
we look too hard,
to accept love,
we doubt too much

letting go

It’s when love turns to need. Its when love becomes more desire than nurture and caring. Its when love turns in into possesion and then into obsession. It’s when you say ‘you belong to me’. It’s the beginings of ownership. It’s the beginings of the end of love…



if my spirit
nurtured yours
as yours did mine


Love and Eternity 2

Pallavi asks : why does (love) have to be irrational and like a drug induced high…. all grand and emphasised through every action and thought… why cant it be allowed to be a little passive… to be allowed to wane a bit at times…. how much energy can be expected from one source and one source only…why cant you just like someone you love sometimes without wanting to jump them and get into their heads…. without expecting them to fire you up everytime without fail…. why does it have to be fireworks… and how sustainable is that kind of effect…


Love, my friend

What good is your love ?