I am travelling in Gujarat with my daughter visiting the villages that keep the traditional handicrafts alive from generation to generation, the Rann of Kutch and now in the Gir forests in search of the last of the Asian lions. Many of these things will probably not survive the onslaught of our times by the [...]

Happy Birthday, Mayawati ji

With the potential nuclear conflict looming at our borders, and our economy spinning out of control, thank God at least one politician had the sense to celebrate their own existence and her own birthday. Who cares that the system of government is collapsing and who cares that the country's resources - even our fresh water [...]

Slow poisoning of India

When death comes slowly, it does not create sensational news. We need to be vigilant on many fronts, especially on the environment, where corporations knowingly destroy communities and our land for short term profit. This is a difficult video to watch, but it is worth the effort

Is War with Pakistan an option ?

It is time for the Indian government to take action. India cannot be seen as being led by indecisive leaders who's thoughts are more on the coming elections rather than grappling with national security. We are sitting on the borders of a country who's government is loosing control. Over its own armed forces, over the [...]

China, Hinduism, Pakistan etc

Rudra wrote : I am surprised at your ostritch like worldview vis-a-vis China. If your three days in upper crust Beijing can whitewash China's un-pardonable misdeamanors in your Head... Dear Rudra, i beg to differ. This is my second trip to China and I find Chinese people on the streets far more aware and warm [...]