The Hungry Hearts Festival

Ok, so we tend to get a little patronizing about our own family members, especially when that person happens to be your younger sister. You kind of tend to pat them on their back and treat them like a child and then look back at your life and realize how utterly stupid that attitude was. [...]

Moral Police ? No, just hooliganism

Why is the Media giving so much weight to what really are young hooligans taking out their frustrations on vulnerable people. They are doing it simply because they can, taking safety in numbers. Acts of cowardice really. But one of the so called 'vulnerable people' will turn out not to be vulnerable, and some one [...]

End of Face book

If you have not seen this already, its' worth a read : By Steve Tuttle | Newsweek I was a late convert to Facebook, the social-networking site that turned five years old Wednesday. I joined about a year ago at age 47, swept up in the massive wave of people turning the corner to the [...]

The Idiot box is so much more idiotic now

With the levels of soaps degrading everyday, news being turned into soap opera, and the complete inability to tell the difference between one reality soap and another, many people are nostalgic of the Doordarshan days when series such as Hum log, Udaan, Shyam Bebegal's Bharat Ek Khoj, Malgudi Days and Govind Nihilani's terrific adaptation of [...]

Israel declares cease fire in Gaza

After killing 1200 (or more) mostly civilian Palestinians, injuring seriously another 900, Israel has declared that its objectives have been achieved. I doubt it. If the idea was to destroy the Hamas leadership, then perhaps temporarily yes. But armed strength and invasion can kill people, not an idea. The idea is more freedom and less [...]