Need consumption vs Greed consumption

I dont get it. For years we cursed the US and Western Europe for consuming too much and living far beyond the resources that our planet could afford. And now trillions of of dollars are being pumped into the US and Western Europe to stimulate demand, encouraging, for example, the American people to buy more [...]

The G 20 talks will fail,

I was traveling with my producer in the US who was expressing real concern on the environment. " What is going to happen to global warming when every Chinese has a car ?". He is a caring intelligent man, who completely missed the contradiction. We were traveling in his gas guzzling Rolls Royce. It's like [...]

Is there a new idea for India ?

After all India was formed out an idea. An idea of freedom from the British. India now needs a new idea. Having been formed, what could keep it going ? Democracy was a great idea, but after over 60 years of independence 80% of India's population does not have any of the basic fundamental rights [...]

The beginings of the social revolution in the US ? Obama now rides the ‘tiger of change’

Panicked by the rising public anger in the US, President Obama and his team have taken an extraordinary step by retroactively taxing almost 95 % of all bonuses received by executives/employees of any corporation that has received government bailouts. Despite that, executives of AIG have asked for private security guards in case the public anger [...]

Obama gets it

But does everybody else ? In a planet where 95% of the wealth is owned by 5 % of the people. Where 5% of the people consume 95% of the earth's resources beyond their basic needs, and where global media has ensured that the 95% know how that 5% live, is it surprising that the [...]

Hungry Hearts by Sohaila Charnalia

It all began the day the four of us sat down to complain. Two of us had lives beating us down….anti-stress pills, rebellious kids, struggles to put in place careers that would have been easier to handle had we been men, or simply, if we had decided to compromise ourselves. The third grumbled about the [...]