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Chinese Satellite Buster Missile

Cannot help admiring the Chinese. By showing their ability to accurately take out a satellite, they have taken the wind out of the Western Power’s approach to modern conventional (as against nuclear) warfare …


An Open Thread

Take up any topic you wish. Talk to each other if you so desire. Tell me what you wld like me to discuss.

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother 2

And now the Indian parliament has got in to ‘Big Brother’ act,….


Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother

Ok, I dont watch Big Brother so maybe I should not comment. But I could not help noticing that people are up in arms against the racial abuse ..


The Indian Constitution and us

26th of Novermber 1949. Our Constitution promised EVERY Citizen of India JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY. Not just for those that could afford it. But every Individual. Isn’t it time for us to remind ourselves how miserably we have failed our Constitution ? Here is a copy of the front page :


Child sex abuse in Goa

While everyone is ga ga over India’s 10% pa economic growth, and cell phone companies are valued at $ 25 Billion, little children are killed for their organs while the parents are still searching for them a year later. And now a new report says that Goa is taking over from Cambodia and Thailand as the child prostitution capital of the world. What’s going wrong with our society ?


Shedding crocodile tears for Saddam

So Tony blair and other leaders in UK and the US now condemn the hanging of Saddam Hussien and the way the trial was handled. Hang on…


Oprah’s School

Sure, there is going to be a lot of critcism about the elitist nature of the enterprise, and about the immense amount of media coverage. But this one so obviously comes from Oprah’s heart. She is welcome to India anytime. Do read Nikita’s comment under “A Mother’s letter from Noida” where she sees Oprah’s actions as a mirrot to ourselves and asks if we are doing enough ourselves for the children in our communities. In India almost 50% of all children lack basic primary education. That is an awful figure for a country that aspires to be the next global power. I would like to share something my own driver told me ….


A mother’s letter from Noida

I was told that they found my daughter’s body. Not the whole body, just the legs, arms and severed head. The agony now ends. For a year I have been begging the police to help find her. They would humiliate us, and sneer. ” She must have run away with a boy” they laughed.
My daughter was 9 years old when she went missing….


2006 will be remembered for ….

10 years from now in 2016, here are the ten things that 2006 will be most remembered for …
1. The Decline of the Big Brother….